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Neocortex basket cell

Name: Neocortex basket cell
Synonym(s): cortical basket cell, basket cell, cortical basket neuron, Neocortical basket cell, parvalbumin interneuron
Super-category: Neuron
*Id: nifext_56
Organism: Vertebrata
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Soma Specific Properties

Cell Soma Shape: Multipolar
Soma Location: Neocortex, Neocortex layer 2, Neocortex layer 3[1]

Dendrite Specific Properties

Spine density on dendrites: Smooth[2]

Axon Specific Properties

Axon myelination: myelinated[2]
Axon projection laterality: bilateral[3]
Origin of axon: soma and sometimes dendrite

Intrinsic Properties

Neurotransmitter released: GABA
Neurotransmitter receptors: Glutamate-gated cationic channel, GABA-gated anionic channel, Dopamine[4]
Molecular constituents: Parvalbumin

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Facts about Neocortex basket cellRDF feed
AxonLength300-700 um  +
AxonMyelinationmyelinated  +
AxonProjectionLateralitybilateral  +
CellSomaShapeCategory:Multipolar   +
Created5 September 2007  +
CurationStatusgraph position temporary  +
EditorialNoteNot sure that parvalbumin interneuron is a true synonym of this cell class; needs further review
ExampleImageNeocortex basket cell.gif  +
FiringPatternsFast-spiking  +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
Idnifext_56  +
LabelNeocortex basket cell  +
Located inNeocortex  +, Neocortex layer 2  +, and Neocortex layer 3  +
ModifiedDate2 February 2015  +
MolecularConstituentsParvalbumin  +
NeurotransmitterGABA  +
NeurotransmitterReceptorsGlutamate-gated cationic channel  +, GABA-gated anionic channel  +, and Dopamine  +
OriginOfAxonsoma and sometimes dendrite  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
SpeciesVertebrata  +
SpineDensityOnDendritesSmooth  +
SpontaneousFiringRateRapid firing  +
SuperCategoryNeuron  +
Synonymcortical basket cell  +, basket cell  +, cortical basket neuron  +, Neocortical basket cell  +, and parvalbumin interneuron  +