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Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron

Name: Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron
Synonym(s): Relay cell, Thalamic relay neuron, Thalamus relay neuron, Thalamocortical cell, Thalamocortical neuron, Thalamus relay cell
Super-category: Neuron
*Id: nlx_cell_20081203
Organism: Vertebrata
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Soma Specific Properties

Cell Soma Shape: Spherical
Cell Soma Size: Large soma
Soma Location: Thalamus

Dendrite Specific Properties

Spine density on dendrites: Smooth

Axon Specific Properties

Axon myelination: myelinated
Axon projection laterality: ipsilateral
Location of distant axon arborization: visual cortex
Location of local axon arborization: reticular nucleus

Intrinsic Properties

Neurotransmitter released: Glutamate
Neurotransmitter receptors: AMPA-type glutamate-gated cationic channel, NMDA-type glutamate-gated cationic channel, Acetylcholine-gated channel (nicotinic)


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Facts about Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuronRDF feed
AxonMyelinationmyelinated  +
AxonProjectionLateralityipsilateral  +
CellSomaShapeCategory:Spherical   +
CellSomaSizeLarge soma  +
CommentIt looks like there are multiple ways to classify thalamic relay cells: morphology, projections and physiology. Needs careful review by experts. I favor morphology.
CurationStatusuncurated  +
ExampleImageThalamus relay cell.gif  +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
Idnlx_cell_20081203  +
LabelThalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron  +
Located inThalamus  +
LocationOfAxonArborizationVisual cortex  +
LocationOfLocalAxonArborizationReticular nucleus  +
ModifiedDate15 November 2012  +
NeurotransmitterGlutamate  +
NeurotransmitterReceptorsAMPA-type glutamate-gated cationic channel  +, NMDA-type glutamate-gated cationic channel  +, and Acetylcholine-gated channel (nicotinic)  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
SpeciesVertebrata  +
SpineDensityOnDendritesSmooth  +
SuperCategoryNeuron  +
SynonymRelay cell  +, Thalamic relay neuron  +, Thalamus relay neuron  +, Thalamocortical cell  +, Thalamocortical neuron  +, and Thalamus relay cell  +