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PONS brain region


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Accessory abducens nucleus +Magnocellular part of red nucleus  +
Anterior lobe of pituitary of PHT00 +Hypothalamus  +
Anterior spinocerebellar tract +Lumbar spinal cord  +
Aplysia Cerebral ganglia +Aplysia buccal ganglia  +
Aplysia buccal ganglia +Aplysia Cerebral ganglia  +


Barrington's nucleus +Periaqueductal gray  +
Brachium of superior colliculus +Retina  +
Broca's area +Extreme capsule  +


Caudate nucleus +Cerebral cortex  +, Prefrontal cortex  +, Anterior cingulate cortex  +,
Caudomedial Nidopallium +Field L  +
Central amygdaloid nucleus +Lateral amygdaloid nucleus  +, Auditory thalamus  +, Auditory cortex  +,
Central cervical spinocerebellar tract +Cervical spinal cord  +
Cerebellar Noradrenergic Afferents +Cerebellum Purkinje cell  +, Cerebellum granule cell  +


Dentate nucleus +Lateral reticular nucleus  +, Inferior olivary complex  +, Reticulotegmental nucleus  +,
Dorsal nucleus of lateral geniculate body +Retina  +, Thalamic reticular nucleus  +, Visual cortex primary  +
Dorsal striatum +SNc  +


Fastigial nucleus +Vestibular nuclear complex  +, Inferior olivary complex  +, Reticulotegmental nucleus  +,
Field L +Nucleus Ovoidalis  +
Flocculonodular lobe +Vestibular organ  +


Globus pallidus internal segment +Striatum  +, Subthalamic nucleus  +


Induseum griseum +Olfactory bulb  +
Inferior pulvinar nucleus +Fusiform gyrus  +, Superior colliculus  +


Lateral amygdaloid nucleus +Auditory thalamus  +, Auditory cortex  +
Lateral mammillary nucleus +Postsubiculum  +, Parasubiculum  +, Septum  +,
Lateral paragigantocellular nucleus +Arcuate nucleus of medulla  +, Nucleus raphe obscurus  +, Contralateral lateral paragigantocellular nucleus  +,
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