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Provides information on the availability of the resource, e.g., freely available, restricted use.

See Availability values for a listing of approved categories.

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Aarnaud, Akash, Bandrow, Memartone, Wawong

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Bay Area Cancer Research Group; California; USA +NO LONGER IN SERVICE  +


Calgary Depression Scale +Human  +


Documentation +Test  +


NeuroSearch +Comapny is exploring the possibilities of a controlled disposal of its remaining assets.  +


Open course +Open access  +


RHA11 hippocampal parcellation scheme +Atlas is freely available  +
Resource:(at)Note +Acknowledgement requested  +, GNU General Public License  +, V3 or later  +
Resource:1000 Functional Connectomes Project +Account required  +, The community can contribute to this resource  +, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License  +
Resource:1000 Genomes: A Deep Catalog of Human Genetic Variation +Free  +, Public  +, Restrictions apply  +,
Resource:3D Brain +Free  +
Resource:3D Interactive Chemical Shift Imaging +Columbia University Non-Commercial Software License Agreement  +, Http://  +
Resource:3D Slicer +3D Slicer License  +
Resource:3D-Interologs +Resource:OMICtools  +, Resource:UniProt  +
Resource:3DBar +GNU General Public License  +
Resource:3DMeshMetric +3D Slicer License  +
Resource:3DSlicerLupusLesionModule +3D Slicer License  +
Resource:3DViewnix +Open software system distributed with source code  +
Resource:3TU.Datacentrum +Free  +, Registration required  +
Resource:4D Atlases Construction +GNU General Public License  +
Resource:4D-PARSeR Pathological Anatomy Regression via Segmentation and Registration +3D Slicer License  +
Resource:4Peaks +Free  +
Resource:5 prime end Serial Analysis of Gene Expression Database +THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE  +
Resource:A Whole Genome Admixture Scan for Type 2 Diabetes in African Americans +Genome scan is available for download as CSV  +
Resource:A.nnotate +Account required  +, Free  +, Fee for advanced features  +
Resource:A5-miseq +GNU General Public License  +
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