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Accession Number +DICOM:0008_0050  +
Accessory Code +DICOM:300A_00F9  +
Acquisition Contrast +DICOM:0008_9209  +
Acquisition Date +DICOM:0008_0022  +
Acquisition Datetime +DICOM:0008_002A  +
Acquisition Device Type Code Sequence +DICOM:0022_0015  +
Acquisition Duration +DICOM:0018_9073  +
Acquisition Matrix +DICOM:0018_1310  +
Acquisition Number +DICOM:0020_0012  +
Acquisition Start Condition +DICOM:0018_0073  +
Acquisition Start Condition Data +DICOM:0018_0074  +
Acquisition Termination Condition +DICOM:0018_0071  +
Acquisition Termination Condition Data +DICOM:0018_0071  +
Acquisition Time +DICOM:0008_0032  +
Acquisition Time Synchronized +DICOM:0018_1800  +
Acquisitions in Study +DICOM:0020_1004  +
Active Source Diameter +DICOM:300A_0218  +
Active Source Length +DICOM:300A_021A  +
Actual Human Performers Sequence +DICOM:0040_4035  +
Additional Patient History +DICOM:0010_21B0  +
Administration Route Code Sequence +DICOM:0054_0302  +
Admission ID +DICOM:0038_0010  +
Admitting Date +DICOM:0038_0020  +
Admitting Diagnoses Code Sequence +DICOM:0008_1084  +
Admitting Diagnoses Description +DICOM:0008_1080  +
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