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Accumbens Nucleus of CIVM postnatal rat brain atlas +topography  +
Amygdalo-entorhinal transition area of RHA11 +cyto-architecture  +
Anterior horizontal limb of lateral sulcus +topography  +
Anterior olfactory nucleus pars externa +cyto-architecture  +
Area 29 of isthmus of DMVH2003 +cyto-architecture, chemoarchitecture  +
Area prostriata of DMVH2003 +cyto-architecture  +


Barrel +cyto-architecture  +
Barrel cortex +cyto-architecture  +
Basal nuclei of Swanson 1998 +cyto-architecture, connectivity, topography  +
Basalis nucleus cholinergic neuron +Biochemical  +
Bed nucleus of the stria medullaris +cyto-architecture, chemoarchitecture  +
Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis beaded neuron +the presence of distinct varicosities that are virtually devoid of dendritic spines,  +
Brodmann (1909) area 1 +cyto-architecture  +
Brodmann (1909) area 10 +cyto-architecture  +
Brodmann (1909) area 45 +cyto-architecture  +
Brodmann partion scheme region +cyto-architecture  +
Brodmann partition scheme region +cyto-architecture  +


CA1 +cyto-architecture  +
CA1 of RHA11 +cyto-architecture, chemoarchitecture  +
CA2 of RHA11 +cyto-architecture, topography  +
Caudal entorhinal field of RHA11 +cyto-architecture  +
Caudomedial Nidopallium +connectivity  +
Caudomedial lobule +topography  +
Cerebellum Golgi cell +Large stiff dendrites traversing the cerebellar cortical layers, and densely ramifying axons plexus  +
Cerebellum Purkinje cell +Morphology; Connectivity; Biochemical  +
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