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Actin Filament +  +
Agent delivery process +injection of drug  +, ingestion of toxin  +
Amyloid Fibril +  +
Anatomical cavity +fornix of vagina  +, cavity of serous sac  +, tooth socket  +,
Antibody +antibody used for immunocytochemical protocol  +
Astrocyte +  +
Astrocyte Process +  +
Axon Terminal +  +


Bergmann Glial Cell +  +
Biomaterial object +erythrocyte  +, head  +, heart  +,
Biomolecule +insulin  +, voltage-gated Ca++ ion channel  +
Body system +insect tracheolar network  +, nervous system  +
Branched Dendritic Spine +  +


Cell +neuroblast  +, Mauthner cell  +, oocyte  +,
Centriole +  +
Cerebellum basket cell +  +
Chemical Synapse Quality +  +
Chicken +red junglefowl  +, dwarf Leghorn chickens  +
Ciliary displacement stimulus transduction +otolith displacement in equilibrioception.  +
Cilium +  +
Cilium basal body +  +
Classification scheme +Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP)  +, PFAM  +
Clathrin Coated Endocytic Vesicle +  +
Cognitive function +creative function  +, imaginative function  +, volitional function  +,
Constitutional part of cell +post-synaptic density  +, cytoskeletal system  +
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