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This is a property of type Page.

This property is used to assign the different branches in which an entity can occur. In order to enforce the single asserted hierarchy rule, each entity, e.g., Cerebellum Purkinje cell, can only have a single parent (supercategory). So a Purkinje cell is only asserted to be a type of neuron. However, every entity can have many roles or functions within different contexts, so a Purkinje cell can be a cerebellar neuron or a GABAergic neuron or a projection neuron. All of these hierarchies are generated from the "has role" property.

For Resources, this property is used to assign resource types. This usage is not ideal and should be revisited.


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*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.

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