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Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex +The myeloarchitecture of Area 9 is disting The myeloarchitecture of Area 9 is distinguished by numerous thick radial stria, and 2 horizontal bands of densely packed fibers. The upper band corresponds to the cytoarchitectonic location of sublayer IIIc and layer IV, while the lower band corresponds to the cellular subdividion of layer Vb. s to the cellular subdividion of layer Vb.


Inferior vestibular nucleus +Distinguished by longitudinally running fibers, giving it a reticulated appearance, and allowing all parts of the nucleus to be clearly outlined in Kluver Barrera stained sections, as described in guinea pig.


Lissauer's tract of spinal cord +Stains more lightly than adjacent spinal cord tracts due to the large number of finely myelinated and unmyelinated fibers in this tract


Medial nucleus of medial geniculate body +Most heavily myelinated of the 3 divisions; it is dominated by longitudinal bundles traversing lateral to the medial lemniscus.
Middle temporal area +"The most distinguishing feature of MT is its heavy myelination" (Allman & Kaas, 1971).


Nucleus centrobasalis +Weil or Weigert preparations reveal an abundantly myelinated neuropil in the basilar region of the dorsal horn.


Olivary pretectal nucleus +Anterior dorsal part of the nucleus is characterized by an almost complete lack of myelinated fibers, giving it a pale appearance. The posterior portion of the nucleus is less distinct.
Ongur, Price, and Ferry (2003) area 10m +Moderate outer myelin band and radial bundles of fibers
Ongur, Price, and Ferry (2003) area 10r +Strong outer myelin band and radial bundles of fibers
Ongur, Price, and Ferry (2003) area Ial +Sparse; strong layer I plexus


Rexed lamina III +Can be distinguished from lamina II by the presence of many fine myelinated fibers (Paxinos, The rat nervous system, 2nd ed, page 43).


Substantia gelatinosa +In myelin stained preparations, this region looks pale caompared with the rest of the gray matter because it contains many finely myelinated and unmyelinated sensory fibers (Nolte, The Human Brain, 6th ed., p 235)


Visual cortex primary +In humans, characterized by a prominent band of myelinated fibers in layer IV, visible to the naked eye in gross dissections.

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