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[edit] Make New Categories


  • If you wish to add a subclass of an existing category, navigate to the category, click the edit tab and use the right hand Tools Box. Under the blue Category section, click "sub/super", type the name of your new category, and then click the appropriate link just below that text box.

[edit] Basic Paragraph Formatting

  • Single newlines are ignored
  • Blank lines start a new paragraph

[edit] Make Lists

  • Lines beginning with one or more * characters are unnumbered lists
  1. Use # characters for numbered lists.
    1. Go deeper with more #'s or *'s
  • Use newlines to start a new list
    • Example

[edit] Make New Sections

  • Text like ==A Section== is a section heading. They automatically appear in the Contents box.
  • Use more = characters for subsections.