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Umlscui Id
2 C1511649 birnlex_262
6 C1521751 birnlex_398
Abducens nerve C0000741 birnlex_876
Abducens nerve fibers C0175450 birnlex_1689
Abducens nucleus C0152407 birnlex_1366
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale C0450978 birnlex_3006
Absynninian guinea pig C0324523 birnlex_325
Acalyptratae C1010980 birnlex_308
Acanthomorpha C1059403 birnlex_298
Acanthopterygii C1004153 birnlex_604
Accelleration stimulus transduction C1327475 birnlex_15017
Accessory basal amygdaloid nucleus C0175223 birnlex_2686
Accessory cuneate nucleus C0152397 birnlex_2634
Accessory medullary lamina C0175213 birnlex_1626
Accessory nerve C0000905, C1305777 birnlex_812
Accessory nerve fiber bundle C0175549 birnlex_916
Acoelomata C1004399 birnlex_7198
Actinopteri C1210427 birnlex_478
Actinopterygii C0998822 birnlex_482
Aculeata C0998588 birnlex_400
Adenohypophysis C1280369, C0032008 birnlex_1581
Adenylate cyclase C0001492 nlx_15630
Adenylate cyclase 1, mouse C1175670 nlx_56407
Aeolididina C1031710 birnlex_7243
Age-related macular degeneration C0242383 birnlex_12812
Aldehyde C0001992 birnlex_3073
Alouatta C0002184 birnlex_460
Alouatta caraya C0999507 birnlex_343
Alouattinae C1300329 birnlex_454
Alveus C0228247 birnlex_1510
Alzheimers disease C0002395 birnlex_2092
American cockroach C0242223 birnlex_426
American lobster C0998232 birnlex_629
Amiculum of dentate nucleus C0175487 birnlex_1044
Amniota C1004207 birnlex_264
Amphibia C0002668 birnlex_394
Amygdala C0002708 birnlex_1241
Anadoridoidea C1228817 birnlex_7282
Anaspidea C0998097 birnlex_551
Anger C0002957 birnlex_1842
Angular gyrus C0152305 birnlex_1376
Annectant gyrus C0694596 birnlex_1391
Annelida C0322464, C0003096 birnlex_354
Annelida/Echiura/Pogonophora group C1215793 birnlex_342
Anomura C0998251 birnlex_637
Anterior amygdaloid area C0175215 birnlex_2698
Anterior ascending limb of lateral sulcus C0262186 birnlex_1330
Anterior calcarine sulcus C0262187 birnlex_1072
Anterior cingulate gyrus C0175190 birnlex_1603
Anterior column of fornix C0175236 birnlex_731
Anterior commissure C0152335 birnlex_1557
Anterior commissure anterior part C0175209 birnlex_969
Anterior commisure C0152335 nlx_144088
Anterior horizontal limb of lateral sulcus C0262190 birnlex_1327
Anterior horn of lateral ventricle C1281033 birnlex_1279
Anterior hypothalamic commissure C0175337 birnlex_1424
Anterior hypothalamic region C0020653 birnlex_1005
Anterior median eminence C0175323 birnlex_1264
Anterior median oculomotor nucleus C0175382 birnlex_1445
Anterior middle temporal sulcus C0694593 birnlex_998
Anterior nuclear group C0228316 birnlex_1692
Anterior nucleus of hypothalamus C0020653 birnlex_1226
Anterior occipital sulcus C0262194 birnlex_4023
Anterior olfactory nucleus C0175225 birnlex_1085
Anterior parieto-occipital sulcus C0262195 birnlex_1079
Anterior parolfactory sulcus C0262196 birnlex_4039
Anterior perforated substance C0162436 birnlex_1096
Anterior spinocerebellar tract C0175561 birnlex_848
Anterior transverse temporal gyrus C0262198 birnlex_1657
Anterodorsal nucleus C0228318 birnlex_1358
Anteromedial nucleus C0228319 birnlex_1365
Anteroventral cochlear nucleus C0926557 birnlex_2572
Anteroventral nucleus C0752050 birnlex_1372
Anteroventral periventricular nucleus C0262200 birnlex_1401
Antrozous C1271536 birnlex_640
Anura C0003459 birnlex_601
Anxiety C0003467 birnlex_1831
Anxiety Status Inventory C0451594 birnlex_3007
Aotus C1265472 birnlex_365
Aotus azarai C1003294 birnlex_375
Aotus trivirgatus C0003518 birnlex_360
Apex of cervical spinal cord dorsal horn C0228612 birnlex_1714
Apex of cochlea C1184827 birnlex_2523
Apex of lumbar spinal cord dorsal horn C0228647 birnlex_811
Apex of the cochlear canal C0458765 birnlex_2555
Apex of thoracic spinal cord dorsal horn C0228629 birnlex_1427
Apidae C0600167 birnlex_419
Apinae C1028360 birnlex_427
Apini C1094230 birnlex_435
Apis C0323350 birnlex_442
Aplysia C0003577 birnlex_464
Aplysia californica C0998099 birnlex_470
Aplysiidae C0998098 birnlex_458
Aplysioidea C1228801 birnlex_452
Apocrita C0998568 birnlex_503
Apogastropoda C1228774 birnlex_453
Apoidea C0004923 birnlex_410
Appalachian brook crayfish C1688715 birnlex_250
Archosauria C0999075 birnlex_218
Arctia C0323251 birnlex_563
Arctiinae C1090493 birnlex_556
Arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus C0003741 birnlex_1638
Arcuate nucleus of medulla C0228544 birnlex_2635
Area X C0262201 birnlex_1379
Area postrema C1289468, C0228530 birnlex_2636
Arhynchobdellida C1001462 birnlex_172
Armina C1085235 birnlex_7278
Armina lovenii C1028709 birnlex_7280
Arminidae C1028708 birnlex_7276
Arminina C1028703 birnlex_7275
Arthropoda C0003903 birnlex_541
Artiodactyla C0003923 birnlex_523
Assessment C0039593 birnlex_2018
Astacidae C0998235 birnlex_493
Astacidea C0998234 birnlex_153
Astacoidea C0010284 birnlex_416
Atelidae C1564898 birnlex_611
Atlantic rock crab C0998266 birnlex_431
Auditory ganglion C0037959 birnlex_2564
Auditory system function C0018767 birnlex_2504
Autonomic nervous system C1305381, C0004388 birnlex_1123
Aves C0005595 birnlex_142
Azores noctule C1663352 birnlex_546
B6CBACa Aw-J/A-Kcnj6wv/J C0043086 birnlex_125
B6CBACa Aw-J/A-Kcnj6wv/J mouse C0043086 birnlex_125
Baboon C0030362 birnlex_120
Balaenoptera C0524737 birnlex_659
Balaenoptera physalus C0524744 birnlex_660
Balaenopteridae C0524738 birnlex_656
Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale C0450978 birnlex_3008
Basal amygdaloid nucleus C0175222 birnlex_2692
Basal nuclear complex C0004781 birnlex_1629
Basal nucleus C0004788 birnlex_1107
Basal part of pons C0228427 birnlex_1043
Base of the cochlear canal C0458766 birnlex_2556
Basilar membrane C0004816 birnlex_2521
Basis modioli C0458781 birnlex_2522
Basolateral nuclear complex C0175220 birnlex_2679
Basommatophora C0998116 birnlex_7222
Batrachia C1009646 birnlex_481
Bay ghost shrimp C1202910 birnlex_168
Beck Depression Inventory C0451022 birnlex_3009
Bed nucleus of stria terminalis C0228365 birnlex_724
Behavioral activity C0004927 birnlex_1827
Big brown bat C0324751 birnlex_136
Bilateria C1004398 birnlex_610
Biocytin C0053625 nlx_mol_1012006
Bitter taste sensation C0039336 birnlex_1820
Blattaria C0009208 birnlex_409
Blattidae C0600186 birnlex_418
Blattinae C1094100 birnlex_424
Blue crab C0998273 birnlex_229
Body of caudate nucleus C0152338 birnlex_1217
Body of fornix C0228289 birnlex_739
Body of lateral ventricle C0152280 birnlex_1287
Bombycidae C0994382 birnlex_190
Bombyciformes C1057192 birnlex_184
Bombycoidea C1006943 birnlex_180
Bombyx C0037119 birnlex_196
Bombyx mori C0323309 birnlex_112
Bovidae C1265545 birnlex_539
Brachium of inferior colliculus C0175372 birnlex_929
Brachium of superior colliculus C0175368 birnlex_1065
Brachycera C0998489 birnlex_293
Brachyura C0010260 birnlex_396
Brain C1269537, C0006104 birnlex_796
Brainstem C0006121 birnlex_1565
Brodmann (1909) area 1 C1272523 birnlex_1732
Brodmann (1909) area 10 C1272532 birnlex_1741
Brodmann (1909) area 11 C1272533 birnlex_1742
Brodmann (1909) area 12 C1272534 birnlex_1743
Brodmann (1909) area 17 C1272535 birnlex_1748
Brodmann (1909) area 18 C1272536 birnlex_1749
Brodmann (1909) area 19 C1272537 birnlex_1750
Brodmann (1909) area 2 C1272524 birnlex_1733
Brodmann (1909) area 20 C1272538 birnlex_1751
Brodmann (1909) area 21 C1272539 birnlex_1752
Brodmann (1909) area 22 C1272540 birnlex_1753
Brodmann (1909) area 23 C1272541 birnlex_1754
Brodmann (1909) area 24 C1272542 birnlex_1755
Brodmann (1909) area 25 C1272543 birnlex_1756
Brodmann (1909) area 26 C1272489 birnlex_1757
Brodmann (1909) area 27 C0175194 birnlex_1758
Brodmann (1909) area 28 C0598377 birnlex_1759
Brodmann (1909) area 29 C1272490 birnlex_1763
Brodmann (1909) area 3 C1272525 birnlex_1734
Brodmann (1909) area 30 C1272491 birnlex_1764
Brodmann (1909) area 31 C1272492 birnlex_1765
Brodmann (1909) area 32 C1272493 birnlex_1760
Brodmann (1909) area 33 C1272494 birnlex_1766
Brodmann (1909) area 34 C1272495 birnlex_1767
Brodmann (1909) area 35 C1272496 birnlex_1768
Brodmann (1909) area 36 C1272497 birnlex_1769
Brodmann (1909) area 37 C1272498 birnlex_1770
Brodmann (1909) area 38 C1272499 birnlex_1771
Brodmann (1909) area 39 C1272500 birnlex_1772
Brodmann (1909) area 4 C1272526 birnlex_1735
Brodmann (1909) area 40 C1272501 birnlex_1773
Brodmann (1909) area 41 C1272502 birnlex_1774
Brodmann (1909) area 42 C1272506 birnlex_1775
Brodmann (1909) area 43 C1272506 birnlex_1761
Brodmann (1909) area 44 C1272509 birnlex_1776
Brodmann (1909) area 45 C1272511 birnlex_1777
Brodmann (1909) area 46 C1272512 birnlex_1778
Brodmann (1909) area 47 C1272513 birnlex_1779
Brodmann (1909) area 48 C1272514 birnlex_1791
Brodmann (1909) area 5 C1272527 birnlex_1736
Brodmann (1909) area 52 C1272514 birnlex_1792
Brodmann (1909) area 6 C1272528 birnlex_1737
Brodmann (1909) area 7 C1272529 birnlex_1738
Brodmann (1909) area 8 C1272530 birnlex_1739
Brodmann (1909) area 9 C1272531 birnlex_1740
Brodmann area 1 C1272523 birnlex_1732
Brodmann area 11 C1272533 birnlex_1742
Brodmann area 12 C1272534 birnlex_1743
Brodmann area 17 C1272535 nlx_38899
Brodmann area 18 C1272536 birnlex_1749
Brodmann area 19 C1272537 birnlex_1750
Brodmann area 2 C1272524 birnlex_1733
Brodmann area 20 C1272538 birnlex_1751
Brodmann area 21 C1272539 birnlex_1752
Brodmann area 22 C1272540 birnlex_1753
Brodmann area 23 C1272541 birnlex_1754
Brodmann area 24 C1272542 birnlex_1755
Brodmann area 25 C1272543 birnlex_1756
Brodmann area 26 C1272489 birnlex_1757
Brodmann area 27 C0175194 birnlex_1758
Brodmann area 28 C0598377 birnlex_1759
Brodmann area 29 C1272490 birnlex_1763
Brodmann area 3 C1272525 birnlex_1734
Brodmann area 30 C1272491 birnlex_1764
Brodmann area 31 C1272492 birnlex_1765
Brodmann area 32 C1272493 birnlex_1760
Brodmann area 33 C1272494 birnlex_1766
Brodmann area 34 C1272495 birnlex_1767
Brodmann area 35 C1272496 birnlex_1768
Brodmann area 36 C1272497 birnlex_1769
Brodmann area 37 C1272498 birnlex_1770
Brodmann area 38 C1272499 birnlex_1771
Brodmann area 39 C1272500 birnlex_1772
Brodmann area 4 C1272526 birnlex_1735
Brodmann area 40 C1272501 birnlex_1773
Brodmann area 41 C1272502 birnlex_1774
Brodmann area 42 C1272506 birnlex_1775
Brodmann area 43 C1272506 birnlex_1761
Brodmann area 44 C1272509 birnlex_1776
Brodmann area 45 C1272511 birnlex_1777
Brodmann area 46 C1272512 birnlex_1778
Brodmann area 47 C1272513 birnlex_1779
Brodmann area 48 C1272514 birnlex_1791
Brodmann area 5 C1272527 birnlex_1736
Brodmann area 52 C1272514 birnlex_1792
Brodmann area 6 C1272528 birnlex_1737
Brodmann area 7 C1272529 birnlex_1738
Brodmann area 8 C1272530 birnlex_1739
Brodmann area 9 C1272531 birnlex_1740
Brother C0337527 birnlex_7389
Brown capuchin C0999514 birnlex_128
Bunopithecus C1647010 birnlex_531
Bunopithecus hoolock C0324851 birnlex_537
C57BL/6 C1521751 nlx_143666
CA1 C0694598 birnlex_1197
CA2 C0694599 birnlex_1362
CA3 C0694600 birnlex_1204
CBA/J C1511406 birnlex_599
Caenorhabditis C0006638 birnlex_448
Caenorhabditis elegans C0162610 birnlex_420
Calcarine sulcus C0228224 birnlex_1086
Calico crayfish C1685627 birnlex_248
California spiny lobster C0998248 birnlex_362
Callianassa C1650047 birnlex_162
Callianassa subterranea C1650574 birnlex_173
Callianassidae C1202908 birnlex_151
Callianassoidea C1202916 birnlex_143
Callicebinae C1300244 birnlex_391
Callicebus C1265477 birnlex_392
Callicebus moloch C0324801 birnlex_386
Callinectes C0998272 birnlex_220
Callitrichinae C0006763 birnlex_139
Callosal sulcus C0262204 birnlex_4040
Calretinin C0054544 nifext_5
Calyptratae C1010981 birnlex_542
Cambaridae C1081058 birnlex_423
Cambarinae C1029319 birnlex_583
Cambarus C0598239 birnlex_369
Camberwell FamilyInterview C0451057 birnlex_3017_2
Cancer C0998265 birnlex_406
Cancridae C0998264 birnlex_512
Cancroidea C1002936 birnlex_501
Cantareus C1069898 birnlex_7291
Cantareus apertus C1069903 birnlex_7303
Cantareus aspersa C1069899 birnlex_7292
Caprinae C0325305 birnlex_549
Capsule of red nucleus C0152369 birnlex_732
Caribbean spiny lobster C0998250 birnlex_145
Carnivora C0007266 birnlex_510
Carollia C1008731 birnlex_623
Carollia perspicillata C1008732 birnlex_631
Carolliinae C1271376 birnlex_149
Cat C0007450 birnlex_113
Catarrhini C0999519 birnlex_244
Caudal part of spinal trigeminal nucleus C0040994 birnlex_2637
Caudal part of ventral lateral nucleus C0175281 birnlex_1144
Caudal part of ventral posterolateral nucleus C0175287 birnlex_1681
Caudate nucleus C0007461 birnlex_1373
Cavia C0085979 birnlex_286
Caviidae C1272860 birnlex_274
Cebidae C0007524 birnlex_574
Cebinae C0085212 birnlex_580
Cebus C0007526 birnlex_588
Central amygdaloid nucleus C0175219 birnlex_2682
Central dorsal nucleus C0752053 birnlex_956
Central gray substance of medulla C0262207 birnlex_2638
Central lateral nucleus C0228355 birnlex_961
Central medial nucleus C0920328 birnlex_971
Central nervous system C0927232 birnlex_1099
Central nucleus of inferior colliculus C0175371 birnlex_1035
Central oculomotor nucleus C0175384 birnlex_786
Central sulcus C0228188, C1281071 birnlex_4035
Central tegmental tract of midbrain C0152364 birnlex_1081
Central tegmental tract of pons C0228443 birnlex_1683
Centromedian nucleus C0228351 birnlex_805
Cephalopods C0324027 birnlex_519
Cercocebus C0085226 birnlex_7301
Cercocebus torquatus C0085227 birnlex_7302
Cercopithecidae C0007752 birnlex_463
Cercopithecinae C0085225 birnlex_524
Cercopithecoidea C1675847 birnlex_468
Cercopithecus C0007753 birnlex_129
Cercopithecus campbelli C0324842 birnlex_7299
Cercopithecus cephus C0324842 birnlex_7298
Cercopithecus diana C0324840 birnlex_7297
Cercopithecus hamlyni C0324846 birnlex_7296
Cercopithecus neglectus C0324844 birnlex_7295
Cercopithecus nictitans C0324839 birnlex_543
Cercopithecus pogonias C1047128 birnlex_7294
Cerebellar cortex C1284087, C0007759 birnlex_1566
Cerebellar penducular complex C0228514 birnlex_970
Cerebellar white matter C0152381 birnlex_1562
Cerebellum C0007765, C1268981 birnlex_1489
Cerebral Spinal Fluid C0007806 birnlex_1798
Cerebral aqueduct C0007769 birnlex_1261
Cerebral cortex C0007776 birnlex_1494
Cerebral crus C0175414 birnlex_1218
Cerebral peduncle C0007793 birnlex_1202
Cerebral white matter C0152295, C1284115 birnlex_711
Cerebrum C0242202 birnlex_1042
Cervical dorsal root ganglion C0457466 birnlex_2599
Cervical spinal cord C1278837, C0581619 birnlex_1499
Cervical spinal cord central canal C0228620 birnlex_1511
Cervical spinal cord dorsal column C0228617 birnlex_736
Cervical spinal cord dorsal horn C0228611 birnlex_1673
Cervical spinal cord gray matter C0228610 birnlex_1521
Cervical spinal cord lateral column C0228618 birnlex_729
Cervical spinal cord lateral horn C1278739, C0228614 birnlex_1665
Cervical spinal cord ventral column C0228619, C1278746 birnlex_1660
Cervical spinal cord ventral horn C0228615, C1278740 birnlex_1680
Cervical spinal cord white matter C0228616 birnlex_1531
Cestoda C0007892 birnlex_7200
Cetacea C0007896 birnlex_647
Cetartiodactyla C1041118 birnlex_517
Chelicerata C0998333 birnlex_7000
Chemical sensation C1154586 birnlex_1889
Chemical stimulus transduction C1327496 birnlex_15002
Cherax C1081057 birnlex_373
Cherax destructor C0998239 birnlex_390
Cherax quadricarinatus C1001475 birnlex_384
Chiasmatic cistern C0228152 birnlex_4003
Chicken C0008051 birnlex_267
Chimpanzee C0008111 birnlex_300
Chiroptera C0008139 birnlex_217
Chordata C0920312 birnlex_589
Chromadorea C0162600 birnlex_571
Cingulate cortex C0598179 birnlex_934
Cingulate gyrus C0018427 birnlex_798
Cingulate sulcus C0228189 birnlex_1468
Circular sulcus of insula C0228258 birnlex_1475
Circumvallate papilla C1182961, C1267555, C0226965 birnlex_4106_2
Cistern of lamina terminalis C0228153 birnlex_4002
Claustral amygdaloid area C0262214 birnlex_1515
Claustrum C0008910 birnlex_1522
Clione C1028739 birnlex_7229
Clione limacina C1032137 birnlex_7230
Clionidae C1032137 birnlex_7228
Clitellata C1093346 birnlex_364
Clivus of fovea centralis C0929760, C0929757 birnlex_2544
Clupeocephala C1210429 birnlex_515
Cochlea C0009195, C1278895 birnlex_1190
Cochlea duct C1323110, C1281166 birnlex_2562
Cochlear canal C0009198, C0458767 birnlex_2553
Cochlear nuclear complex C0152411 birnlex_1151
Coelomata C1004414 birnlex_606
Cognitive assessment C0870300 birnlex_2021
Cognitive function C0392335 birnlex_1864
Cognitive process C0025361, C0871689 birnlex_1800
Cold sensation C0234192 birnlex_15015
Coleoidea C1081048 birnlex_525
Collateral sulcus C0228226 birnlex_1480
Commissural nucleus of vagus nerve C0175528 birnlex_2639
Commissure of fornix C0228287 birnlex_746
Commissure of inferior colliculus C0152367 birnlex_935
Commissure of superior colliculus C0152366 birnlex_1073
Common spiny lobster C0998246 birnlex_144
Congenital retinoschisis C0344551 birnlex_12829
Conical papilla C0226967, C1289183 birnlex_4103
Contrast agent C0009924 birnlex_2037
Corpus callosum C0010090 birnlex_1087
Cortical amygdaloid nucleus C0175216 birnlex_2700
Corticomedial nuclear complex C0175214 birnlex_2680
Corticotectal tract C0262216 birnlex_1016
Coturnix C0010199 birnlex_253
Cranial nerve C1269897, C0010268 birnlex_1623
Craniata C1039837 birnlex_222
Crockerinus C1689164 birnlex_260
Crustacea C0010395 birnlex_278
Ctenosquamata C1059402 birnlex_287
Cuban Flower Bat C1669041 birnlex_336
Cuneate fasciculus of medulla C0228521 birnlex_1242
Cuneate nucleus C0587939 birnlex_2640
Cuneiform nucleus C0175396 birnlex_1430
Cuneocerebellar tract C0175556 birnlex_1238
Cuneus cortex C0152307 birnlex_1396
Cupula of the cochlear canal C0458764 birnlex_2557
Cyprinidae C0010613 birnlex_337
Cypriniformes C0010614 birnlex_459
Cypriniphysi C1210431 birnlex_455
Cyprinoidea C1003344 birnlex_344
Cystoid macular retinal degeneration C0154850, C0546382 birnlex_12814
DBA/2 C1511649 birnlex_262
Danio C0998846 birnlex_356
Daughter C0011011 birnlex_7392
Deafmutism-retinal degeneration syndrome C0271504 birnlex_12801
Decapoda C0323856 birnlex_185
Decapodiformes C0038078, C1228322 birnlex_430
Decussation of medial lemniscus C0175544 birnlex_1245
Decussation of superior cerebellar peduncle C0152374 birnlex_1089
Decussation of trochlear nerve C0175448 birnlex_1690
Deep cerebellar nuclear complex C0007763 birnlex_1568
Degenerative Retinoschis C1137478 birnlex_12830
Delphinapterus C0325136 birnlex_653
Delphinapterus leucas C1140552 birnlex_654
Delphinidae C0524554 birnlex_649
Demographic assessment C0011296 birnlex_3012
Demyelinating disease C0011303 birnlex_12507
Dendronotidae C1028587 birnlex_7257
Dendronotina C1028255 birnlex_7255
Dendronotoidea C1228833 birnlex_7256
Dendronotus C1028587 birnlex_7271
Dendronotus dalli C1073817 birnlex_7274
Dendronotus frondosus C1093954 birnlex_7272
Dendronotus iris C1485480 birnlex_7273
Densocellular part of medial dorsal nucleus C0262218 birnlex_1255
Dentate gyrus hilus C1134421 birnlex_1482
Dentate nucleus C0086120 birnlex_1171
Dentatothalamic tract C0175411 birnlex_1104
Deuterostomia C1004546 birnlex_272
Diagonal band C0175226 birnlex_1551
Diagonal sulcus C0694582 birnlex_1344
Dicondylia C1037452 birnlex_281
Dictyoptera C0009208 birnlex_119
Diencephalon C0012144 birnlex_1503
Digenea C0997947 birnlex_7202
Diptera C0012578 birnlex_282
Discrimination activity C0012632 birnlex_1809
Distal part of hypophysis C0175322 birnlex_1022
Doridina C1228814 birnlex_7281
Dorsal acoustic stria C0175454 birnlex_1698
Dorsal cochlear nucleus C0175499, C1281210 birnlex_2569
Dorsal external arcuate fiber bundle C0175552 birnlex_1250
Dorsal hypothalamic area C0175318 birnlex_777
Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus of hypothalamus C0262221 birnlex_898
Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus of medulla C0228537 birnlex_1257
Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus of midbrain C0262222 birnlex_893
Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus of pons C0262223 birnlex_1707
Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve C0152401 birnlex_2642
Dorsal nerve root of cervical spinal cord C1278751 birnlex_964
Dorsal nerve root of thoracic spinal cord C1288559 birnlex_1601
Dorsal nucleus of lateral geniculate body C0175292 birnlex_1595
Dorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus C0175443 birnlex_894
Dorsal nucleus of trapezoid body C0228438, C1289450 birnlex_2575
Dorsal oculomotor nucleus C0175377 birnlex_793
Dorsal raphe nucleus C0175392 birnlex_982
Dorsal root ganglion C0017070 birnlex_2596
Dorsal septal nucleus C0262226 birnlex_704
Dorsal supraoptic decussation C0175338 birnlex_1433
Dorsal tegmental decussation C0152370 birnlex_901
Dorsal tegmental nucleus C0175393 birnlex_992
Dorsal trigeminal tract C0175459 birnlex_1718
Dorsolateral subnucleus of solitary tract C0175519 birnlex_2659
Dorsomedial nucleus of hypothalamus C0013055 birnlex_1558
Dorsomedial subnucleus of solitary tract C0175520 birnlex_1799
Drebrin C0058746 nlx_39296
Drosophila C0013138 birnlex_147
Drosophila melanogaster C0013139 birnlex_535
Drosophilidae C0178439 birnlex_324
Drosophilina C1012909 birnlex_348
Drosophilinae C1082675 birnlex_331
Drosophilini C1012908 birnlex_339
Drosophiliti C1210199 birnlex_140
Dry senile macular retinal degeneration C0271083 birnlex_12813
Dugesia C0013279 birnlex_7210
Dugesia japonica C0997935 birnlex_7212
Dugesia lugubris C1077968 birnlex_7214
Dugesia mediterranea C1033657 birnlex_7215
Dugesia polychroa C1015088 birnlex_7217
Dugesia tigrina C0997936 birnlex_7218
Dugesiidae C1003519 birnlex_7211
Dunkin Hartley guinea pig C0324524 birnlex_306
Ear C0013443, C0521421 birnlex_1062
Echolocation sensation C0013529 birnlex_15012
Ectocalcarine sulcus C0262230 birnlex_4022
Education assessment C0013658 birnlex_3014
Eidetic memory C0013727 birnlex_1914
Eighth cervical dorsal root ganglion C0501738 birnlex_2610
Eighth cervical spinal cord segment C0457858 birnlex_1696
Eighth thoracic dorsal root ganglion C0501706 birnlex_2618
Eighth thoracic spinal cord segment C0457866 birnlex_1398
Electrical sensation C1327497 birnlex_1824
Electroception stimulus transduction C1327499 birnlex_15017_2
Electron microscope C0262879 birnlex_2041
Eleventh thoracic dorsal root ganglion C0501709 birnlex_2621
Eleventh thoracic spinal cord segment C0457869 birnlex_1596
Elopocephala C1210428 birnlex_508
Emboliform nucleus C0175488 birnlex_1135
Endoplasmin C0059259 sao1951490568
Endopterygota C1004458 birnlex_276
English guinea pig C0324529 birnlex_307
Ensifera C0600286 birnlex_441
Enteric nervous system C0206111 birnlex_1166
Entorhinal cortex C0175196 birnlex_1508
Ephydroidea C1010985 birnlex_317
Epithalamus C0152361 birnlex_1710
Eptesicus C1271540 birnlex_132
Eptesicus bottae C1197387 birnlex_209
Equilibrioception sensation C0678902, C1327474 birnlex_1903
Erythrocebus C0085230 birnlex_626
Erythrocebus patas C0014763 birnlex_635
Estrilda C1211035 birnlex_590
Estrildidae C1006965 birnlex_177
Estrildinae C1008675 birnlex_586
Ethnicity C0438960 birnlex_3016
Ethnicity assessment C1287117 birnlex_3015
Euacanthomorpha C1059404 birnlex_584
Euacanthopterygii C1062724 birnlex_608
Euaeolidioidea C1031712 birnlex_7244
Euarchontoglires C1670686 birnlex_237
Euarminoidea C1028707 birnlex_7277
Eubrachyura C1055829 birnlex_405
Eucarida C0998215 birnlex_304
Eukaryota C0684063 birnlex_399
Eumalacostraca C0392200 birnlex_295
Eumetazoa C0997870 birnlex_569
European lobster C0946666 birnlex_469
Eurypterygii C1089829 birnlex_279
Euteleostei C1081773 birnlex_271
Euteleostomi C1056207 birnlex_188
Eutheria C0230956 birnlex_605
Euthyneura C1228791, C1215057 birnlex_622
External nucleus of inferior colliculus C0175370 birnlex_1047
Eye C0015392, C1280202 birnlex_1169
Eye disease C0015397 birnlex_12797
Facial nerve C0015462 birnlex_827
Facial nucleus C0175442 birnlex_903
Familial juvenile macular degeneration C0271093 birnlex_12817
Familial pseudoinflammatory macular degeneration C0520726 birnlex_12818
Familial role C0680074 birnlex_7385
Fascia dentata C0152314 nlx_25395
Fasciculus retroflexus C0228391 birnlex_1504
Fasciolar gyrus C0152332 birnlex_1129
Fast pain sensation C1622491 birnlex_1838
Fastigial nucleus C0175490 birnlex_1146
Father C0015671 birnlex_7386
Father's occupation C0237754 birnlex_3024
Father's occupation (birnlex 3022) C0237754 birnlex_3022
Felidae C0325089 birnlex_101
Feliformia C1270179 birnlex_377
Felinae C1270185 birnlex_108
Felis C0524517 birnlex_111
Fifth cervical dorsal root ganglion C0501696 birnlex_2607
Fifth cervical spinal cord segment C0457855 birnlex_760
Fifth lumbar dorsal root ganglion C0501717 birnlex_2627
Fifth lumbar spinal cord segment C0457871 birnlex_1251
Fifth sacral dorsal root ganglion C0501724 birnlex_2632
Fifth sacral spinal cord segment C0457880 birnlex_1553
Fifth thoracic dorsal root ganglion C0501703 birnlex_2615
Fifth thoracic spinal cord segment C0457863 birnlex_1383
Filiform papilla C0226966, C0545782, C1267556 birnlex_4104
Fimbria of hippocampus C0152315 birnlex_1502
First cervical dorsal root ganglion C0501468 birnlex_2603
First cervical spinal cord segment C0457851 birnlex_1694
First lumbar dorsal root ganglion C0501713 birnlex_2624
First lumbar spinal cord segment C0457872 birnlex_1336
First sacral dorsal root ganglion C0501720 birnlex_2628
First sacral spinal cord segment C0457876 birnlex_1532
First thoracic dorsal root ganglion C0501699 birnlex_2611
First thoracic spinal cord segment C0457859 birnlex_1452
Fixative C0016184 birnlex_2138
Foliate papilla C0226969, C0545785 birnlex_4105
Forebrain C0085140 birnlex_1509
Fornix C0152334 birnlex_705
Forth cervical spinal cord segment C0457854 birnlex_753
Forth lumbar dorsal root ganglion C0501716 birnlex_2626
Forth lumbar spinal cord segment C0457875 birnlex_1352
Forth sacral dorsal root ganglion C0501723 birnlex_2631
Forth sacral spinal cord segment C0457879 birnlex_1548
Forth thoracic dorsal root ganglion C0501702 birnlex_2614
Forth thoracic spinal cord segment C0457862 birnlex_1378
Fourth cervical dorsal root ganglion C0501695 birnlex_2606
Fovea C0450290, C0016622 birnlex_2543
Fraternal twin brother C0337536 birnlex_7396
Fraternal twin sister C0337523 birnlex_7403
Frontal lobe C1268977, C0016733 birnlex_928
Frontal operculum C0149547 birnlex_751
Frontal pole C0149546 birnlex_1716
Fronto-orbital gyrus C0262239 birnlex_1243
Fronto-orbital sulcus C0262240 birnlex_1724
Frontomarginal sulcus C0262269 birnlex_4000
Fungiform papilla C0226968, C0545784, C1267558 birnlex_4106
Furth Wistar rat C0034707 birnlex_202
Fusiform gyrus C0152313 birnlex_1641
Galliformes C0325589 birnlex_159
Gallus C0999287 birnlex_246
Garden tiger moth C0323252 birnlex_573
Gastropod C0324023 birnlex_437
Gender assessment C1287419 birnlex_3026
Glaucidae C1228836 birnlex_7245
Glaucomatous retinal degeneration C0521686 birnlex_12802
Glires C1640874 birnlex_233
Globose nucleus C0175489 birnlex_1158
Globus pallidus C0017651 birnlex_1234
Globus pallidus external segment C0262267 birnlex_1610
Globus pallidus internal segment C0262283 birnlex_1555
Glossopharyngeal nerve C0017679, C1305752 birnlex_899
Glossopharyngeal nerve fiber bundle C0175550 birnlex_1274
Glutaraldehyde C0017814 birnlex_3070
Gnathostomata C0998765 birnlex_201
Gorilla C1095850 birnlex_309
Gorilla (birnlex 318) C0018090 birnlex_318
Gracile fasciculus of medulla C0228522 birnlex_1282
Gracile nucleus C0228546 birnlex_2643
Gray hermit crab C0998259 birnlex_576
Greater bulldog bat C1043149 birnlex_321
Greater horseshoe bat C1021558 birnlex_277
Gremicambarus C1686425 birnlex_483
Gryllidae C0018288 birnlex_451
Gryllinae C1054662 birnlex_333
Grylloidea C1028300 birnlex_446
Gryllus C0998383 birnlex_370
Gryllus rubens C1090190 birnlex_382
Guenon C0007753 birnlex_129
Guinea pig C0999699 birnlex_297
Gustatory stimulus transduction C1327496 birnlex_15006
Gustatory system function C0039336 birnlex_2512
Gymnosomata C0998110 birnlex_7227
Gyrus rectus C0152300 birnlex_1103
Habenula C0152362 birnlex_1611
Habenular commissure C0152363 birnlex_1609
Habenulo-interpeduncular tract of diencephalon C0228391 birnlex_1176
Half brother C0337531 birnlex_7397
Half sister C0337518 birnlex_7404
Hallucination assessment C0018524 birnlex_3027
Handedness assessment C1286612 birnlex_3028
Head C0018670 birnlex_1230
Head of caudate nucleus C0152336 birnlex_1212
Heat sensation C0234193 birnlex_15014
Helicidae C0323955 birnlex_7239
Helicoidea C1038801 birnlex_7238
Helisoma C1001739 birnlex_7232
Helisoma anceps C1214481 birnlex_7235
Helisoma duryi C1062641 birnlex_7234
Helisoma trivolvis C1001740 birnlex_7233
Helix C0018882 birnlex_7240
Helix aspersa C0553251 birnlex_7241
Hermissenda C0596695 birnlex_7247
Hermissenda crassicornis C1484186 birnlex_7248
Heroin C0011892 CHEBI:27808
Heterobranchia C1228789 birnlex_616
Heterotremata C1055831 birnlex_487
Heterotremata/Thoracotremata group C1055834 birnlex_414
Hexapoda C1095852 birnlex_565
Hildebrandts horseshoe bat C1669804 birnlex_200
Hilum of dentate nucleus C1289484 birnlex_1561
Hindbrain C1522180, C0035507 birnlex_942
Hippocampal formation C0175202 birnlex_715
Hippocampal sulcus C0228251 birnlex_4004
Hippocampus C0019564 birnlex_721
Hipposiderinae C1271366, C1210687 birnlex_489
Hipposideros C1020575 birnlex_500
Hipposideros terasensis C1210684 birnlex_511
Hirudinea C0023209 birnlex_383
Hirudinida C1095854 birnlex_374
Hirudinidae C0998040 birnlex_181
Hirudiniformes C0998039 birnlex_176
Hirudo C0579183 birnlex_186
Holacanthopterygii C1059405 birnlex_595
Holtzman Sprague-Dawley rat C0324535 birnlex_421
Homarus C0998231 birnlex_619
Hominoidea C1675848 birnlex_529
Homo C1300203 birnlex_232
Homo Pan Gorilla group C1224354 birnlex_238
Honey bee C0323351 birnlex_447
Human C0086418 birnlex_516
Hybrid of mus spretus x mus musculus C1210594 birnlex_7411
Hylobates C0020410 birnlex_533
Hylobatidae C0085234 birnlex_643
Hymenoptera C0020415 birnlex_491
Hypoglossal nerve C0020614 birnlex_820
Hypoglossal nerve fiber bundle C0175555 birnlex_1288
Hypoglossal nucleus C0228802 birnlex_2644
Hypophysis C0032005 birnlex_1353
Hypothalamus C0020663 birnlex_734
Hystricognathi C1271396 birnlex_270
Identical twin brother C0337535 birnlex_7395
Identical twin sister C0337522 birnlex_7402
Immersion C0020940 birnlex_2131
Immunolabeling protocol C0242349 birnlex_2046
Inferior calcarine sulcus C0262249 birnlex_4021
Inferior cerebellar peduncle C0152393 birnlex_1691
Inferior colliculus C0228411 birnlex_806
Inferior frontal gyrus C0152298 birnlex_873
Inferior horn of the lateral ventricle C0152283 birnlex_1292
Inferior occipital gyrus C1110643 birnlex_1399
Inferior occipital sulcus C0262253 birnlex_4020
Inferior olivary complex C0228540 birnlex_1164
Inferior parietal cortex C0152304 birnlex_1194
Inferior part of vestibular ganglion C1186167 birnlex_2552
Inferior postcentral sulcus C0262256 birnlex_4032
Inferior precentral sulcus C0262257 birnlex_1627
Inferior pulvinar nucleus C0228346 birnlex_830
Inferior ramus of arcuate sulcus C0262258 birnlex_1635
Inferior rostral sulcus C0694584 birnlex_1642
Inferior salivatory nucleus C0175534 birnlex_2645
Inferior temporal sulcus C0228242 birnlex_800
Infundibular stem C0447641, C0175325 birnlex_1248
Ingestion C0232478 birnlex_2128
Injection C0021485 birnlex_2135
Injury C0043251 nlx_090803
Inner ear C0022889, C1268973 birnlex_1196
Inner granular layer of cerebellar cortex C0228471, C1289476 birnlex_790
Insecta C0021585 birnlex_275
Insula C0021640 birnlex_1117
Intercalated amygdaloid nuclei C0262259 birnlex_2683
Intermediate acoustic stria C0175455 birnlex_768
Intermediate filament C0021770 GO:0005882
Intermediate frontal sulcus C0228199 birnlex_4006
Intermediate hypothalamic region C0020669 birnlex_1015
Intermediate oculomotor nucleus C0175378 birnlex_803
Intermediate part of hypophysis C0175321 birnlex_906
Intermediate periventricular nucleus C0694604 birnlex_1564
Internal arcuate fiber bundle C0228533 birnlex_1091
Internal capsule C0152341 birnlex_1659
Internal medullary lamina of thalamus C0228322 birnlex_1621
Interpeduncular nucleus C0175398 birnlex_1000
Interpolar part of spinal trigeminal nucleus C0175418 birnlex_2646
Interstitial nucleus of Cajal C0228418 birnlex_1008
Intralingual sulcus C0694595 birnlex_4019
Intramuscular injection C0021492 birnlex_2049
Intraparietal sulcus C1281069, C0228213 birnlex_4031
Intrathecal injection C0021896 birnlex_2150
Invertebrate C1004398 birnlex_131
Islands of Calleja C0262264 birnlex_1113
Isthmus of cingulate gyrus C0175192 birnlex_1541
Japanese macaque C1621298 birnlex_407
Japanese quail C0022345 birnlex_257
Jonah crab C1008182 birnlex_415
Juxtarestiform body C0152394 birnlex_1101
Kearns-Sayer Syndrome C0022541 birnlex_12826
Kinesthetic sensation C0178811 birnlex_2510
Kolliker-Fuse nucleus C0175530 birnlex_2641
Kyoto Wistar rat C0034709 birnlex_211
Lagomorpha C0022962 birnlex_216
Lamina of septum pellucidum C0152278 birnlex_1554
Laser capture C1113652 birnlex_2168
Lateral amygdaloid nucleus C0175221 birnlex_2687
Lateral corticospinal tract C0152402 birnlex_1095
Lateral dorsal nucleus C0228342 birnlex_838
Lateral eminence of hypophysis C0262266 birnlex_994
Lateral geniculate nucleus C0086526 birnlex_1662
Lateral habenular nucleus C0228390 birnlex_1438
Lateral hypothalamic area C0020654 birnlex_4037
Lateral hypothalamic nucleus C0086527 birnlex_1199
Lateral lemniscus (birnlex 976) C0152375 birnlex_976
Lateral mammillary nucleus C0152357, C1289570 birnlex_1460
Lateral medullary lamina C0152339 birnlex_1634
Lateral occipital cortex C0228228 birnlex_735
Lateral occipital sulcus C0228229, C1289641 birnlex_4018
Lateral olfactory tract C0152330 birnlex_1559
Lateral orbital gyrus C0262268 birnlex_1036
Lateral parabrachial nucleus C0175445 birnlex_897
Lateral part of basal amygdaloid nucleus C0694601 birnlex_2695
Lateral part of medial mammillary nucleus C0694606 birnlex_1314
Lateral pericuneate nucleus C0262271 birnlex_2647
Lateral pes lemniscus C0175409 birnlex_902
Lateral posterior nucleus C0228341 birnlex_835
Lateral preoptic nucleus C0175312, C1289556 birnlex_1722
Lateral pulvinar nucleus C0228345 birnlex_1228
Lateral septal nucleus C0175232 birnlex_1321
Lateral sulcus C0228187 birnlex_1487
Lateral superior olivary nucleus C0175429 birnlex_1675
Lateral tuberal nuclear complex C0086527 birnlex_1206
Lateral ventricle C0152279 birnlex_1263
Laurasiarana C1644478 birnlex_526
Laurasiatheria C1671525 birnlex_496
Left frontal lobe C1281955 birnlex_1787
Left occipital lobe C1281963 birnlex_1782
Left parietal lobe C1281960 birnlex_1728
Left temporal lobe C1281971 birnlex_1784
Leporidae C0999629 birnlex_223
Lepus C0242372 birnlex_367
Lesion C0221198 nlx_090802
Lesser mouse-eared bat C1051452 birnlex_366
Light stimulus transduction C1655408 birnlex_15003
Limacidae C0323962 birnlex_7250
Limacoidea C1038807 birnlex_7249
Limax C0323963 birnlex_7251
Limax flavus C0323965 birnlex_7252
Limax marginatus C1070381 birnlex_7253
Limax maximus C0323964 birnlex_7254
Limbic lobe C0458337 birnlex_1128
Limen of insula C0228263 birnlex_1493
Limitans nucleus C0175299 birnlex_931
Limulidae C0998334 birnlex_7003
Limulus C0023721 birnlex_7004
Limulus polyphemus C0259942 birnlex_7005
Linear nucleus C0175404 birnlex_1018
Lingual gyrus C0152308 birnlex_740
Lingual papilla C0226964, C1289183 birnlex_4102
Lissauer's tract of medulla C0228587 birnlex_1267
Little brown bat C0936022 birnlex_579
Living arrangement assessment C0242487 birnlex_3030
Lobster C1140675 birnlex_585
Locomotor activity C0023946 birnlex_1892
Locus ceruleus C0023951 birnlex_905
Loliginidae C0998176 birnlex_432
Loligo C0599467 birnlex_439
Loligo forbesi C0998178 birnlex_352
Loligo opalescens C1081666 birnlex_361
Loligo pealei C0599467 birnlex_552
Loligo vulgaris C1081049 birnlex_371
Long-tailed macaque C0024399 birnlex_291
Longitudinal fissure C0228186 birnlex_4041
Longitudinal pontine fibers C0228450 birnlex_1523
Lumbar dorsal root ganglion C0457468 birnlex_2601
Lumbar spinal cord C1278838, C0581620 birnlex_1704
Lumbar spinal cord central canal C0228644 birnlex_1604
Lumbar spinal cord dorsal horn C1282146 birnlex_884
Lunate sulcus C0262278 birnlex_4017
Lymnaea C0024201 birnlex_7225
Lymnaea stagnalis C0323913 birnlex_7226
Lymnaeidae C0323910 birnlex_7224
Lymnaeoidea C1228892 birnlex_7223
Macaca C0024398 birnlex_280
Macaque C0024398 birnlex_280
Macula lutea proper C0934637 birnlex_2542
Macula of eye C0450295, C1284755 birnlex_2540
Macular degeneration C0024437 birnlex_12811
Magnetic field stimulus transduction C1327483 birnlex_15018
Magnetic resonance imaging protocol C0024485 birnlex_2177
Magnetic sensation C1327477 birnlex_1900
Magnetoencephalography C0024489 oen_0001061
Magnocellular nucleus of medial geniculate body C0175296 birnlex_1612
Magnocellular part of medial dorsal nucleus C0228331 birnlex_1262
Magnocellular part of red nucleus C0175402 birnlex_720
Magnocellular part of ventral anterior nucleus C0228335 birnlex_716
Malacostraca C0392200 birnlex_284
Mammal C0024660 birnlex_252
Mammillary body C0024670, C1305759 birnlex_865
Mammillary peduncle C1289573, C0152358 birnlex_1486
Mammillary princeps fasciculus C0175331 birnlex_1492
Mammillotegmental fasciculus C0228376 birnlex_1497
Mammillothalamic tract of hypothalamus C1289566, C0228375 birnlex_855
Mandibulata C1218616 birnlex_547
Manduca C0242620 birnlex_178
Manduca sexta C0242619 birnlex_183
Marginal sulcus C0259792 birnlex_4030
Marital status assessment C0024819 birnlex_3031
Mechanical stimulus transduction C1327507 birnlex_15001
Medial amygdaloid nucleus C0175217 birnlex_2701
Medial forebrain bundle C0025055 birnlex_908
Medial geniculate body C0086596 birnlex_1670
Medial habenular nucleus C0228389 birnlex_1431
Medial lemniscus of medulla C0228534 birnlex_1570
Medial lemniscus of midbrain C0175406 birnlex_1296
Medial lemniscus of pons C0228439 birnlex_781
Medial longitudinal fasciculus of medulla C0228536 birnlex_1574
Medial longitudinal fasciculus of midbrain C0262284 birnlex_1302
Medial longitudinal fasciculus of pons C0228440 birnlex_1708
Medial mammillary nucleus C0175329, C1289568 birnlex_1299
Medial medullary lamina C0152340 birnlex_1501
Medial oculomotor nucleus C0175379 birnlex_813
Medial olfactory gyrus C0152331 birnlex_1127
Medial orbital frontal cortex C0016733 birnlex_1249
Medial orbital gyrus C0175179 birnlex_1046
Medial parabrachial nucleus C0175446 birnlex_4038
Medial part of basal amygdaloid nucleus C1134422 birnlex_2696
Medial part of medial mammillary nucleus C0694605 birnlex_1220
Medial part of ventral lateral nucleus C0175282 birnlex_1159
Medial pericuneate nucleus C0262288 birnlex_2648
Medial pes lemniscus C0175410 birnlex_1310
Medial preoptic nucleus C0175313, C1289555 birnlex_706
Medial pulvinar nucleus C0228344 birnlex_1233
Medial septal nucleus C0175233 birnlex_1668
Medial subnucleus of solitary tract C0175521 birnlex_2662
Medial superior olivary nucleus C0175430 birnlex_1682
Median eminence C0025056, C1289548 birnlex_925
Median preoptic nucleus C0259793 birnlex_1208
Medicinal leech C1262478 birnlex_192
Medulla oblongata C0025148, C1269575 birnlex_957
Medullary anterior horn C0175539 birnlex_2649
Medullary raphe nuclear complex C0175514 birnlex_1420
Medullary reticular formation C0228520 birnlex_1020
Medullary white matter C0262182 birnlex_1414
Megaptera C0524747 birnlex_657
Megaptera novaeangliae C0999577 birnlex_658
Melanogaster group C1004080 birnlex_636
Melanogaster subgroup C1004084 birnlex_530
Melibe C1031711 birnlex_7219
Melibe leonina C1085700 birnlex_7220
Memory C0679052
Memory acquistion C0439045 birnlex_1898
Memory process C0679052, C0025260 birnlex_1833
Merostomata C1095851 birnlex_7001
Mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve C0228702 birnlex_1010
Mesencephalic tract of trigeminal nerve C0228703 birnlex_1318
Mesobatrachia C1003178 birnlex_538
Metazoa C0320223 birnlex_561
Metencephalon C0376353 birnlex_965
Microchiroptera C1081646 birnlex_118
Microdissection C0598304 birnlex_2163
Microscope C0181839 birnlex_2106
Microtubule C0026046 GO:0005874
Midbrain C0025462 birnlex_1667
Midbrain reticular formation C0228394 birnlex_1235
Midbrain tectum C0039433 birnlex_1032
Midbrain tegmentum C0039441 birnlex_1200
Middle cerebellar peduncle C0152392 birnlex_1529
Middle ear C0013455, C1268972 birnlex_1695
Middle frontal gyrus C0152297 birnlex_1451
Middle frontal sulcus C0228199 birnlex_1650
Middle temporal gyrus C0152310 birnlex_1653
Molecular layer of cerebellar cortex C1289474, C0228469 birnlex_810
Mollusc C0026391 birnlex_428
Monkey C0026447 birnlex_349
Monodontidae C0524752 birnlex_652
Mormoopidae C1271369 birnlex_283
Mother C0026591 birnlex_7387
Motor Neuron Disease C0085084 birnlex_12565
Motor activity C0474393, C0026606 birnlex_1862
Motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve C0228700 birnlex_1222
Motor root of trigeminal nerve C0228707 birnlex_1717
Motor system function C0589522 birnlex_1865
Mouse C0025914 birnlex_167
Mouse-eared Bat C1015901 birnlex_322
Multifocal retinal degeneration C0521689 birnlex_12805
Munich Wistar rat C0324539 birnlex_498
Muridae C0026802 birnlex_302
Murinae C1007978 birnlex_166
Mus C0026809 birnlex_518
Mus musculus domesticus C0751318 birnlex_171
Mus spretus C0999677 birnlex_7410
Musca C0323065 birnlex_582
Musca (birnlex 570) C1011180 birnlex_570
Musca domestica C0020045 birnlex_502
Muscidae C0026817 birnlex_558
Muscinae C1011084 birnlex_566
Muscini C1020450 birnlex_575
Muscoidea C1010991 birnlex_550
Muscomorpha C1010974 birnlex_285
Musculoskeletal equilibrium sensation C1256755 birnlex_15021
Myopic chorioretinal atrophy C0339422 birnlex_12803
Myotis C0324749 birnlex_315
Mysticeti C0999575 birnlex_655
Natterers bat C1051451 birnlex_326
Natural daughter C0337552 birnlex_7406
Natural son C0337564 birnlex_7408
Nematoda C0027581 birnlex_578
Neobatrachia C0999039 birnlex_490
Neocoleoidea C1228321 birnlex_422
Neocortex C0175173 birnlex_2547
Neodentate part of dentate nucleus C0175485 birnlex_1567
Neognathae C1081164 birnlex_150
Neognathi C1210591 birnlex_268
Neoptera C1081809 birnlex_269
Neopterygii C1009645 birnlex_486
Neoteleostei C1059401 birnlex_273
Neotrypaea C1202909 birnlex_618
Nephropidae C0023932 birnlex_169
Nephropoidea C1082135 birnlex_163
Nervous system disease C0027765 birnlex_12796
Neurohypophysis C0032009, C1280368 birnlex_1586
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis C0751383 birnlex_12831
Neuropsychological assessment C0027902 birnlex_2030
Nigrostriatal tract C0815010 birnlex_4107
Ninth thoracic dorsal root ganglion C0501707 birnlex_2619
Ninth thoracic spinal cord segment C0457867 birnlex_1584
Noctilio C1300204 birnlex_313
Noctilionidae C0324772 birnlex_305
Noctule C1015903 birnlex_355
Noctuoidea C1082118 birnlex_553
Node of Ranvier C0034667 birnlex_1152
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