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Definition A branching protoplasmic process of a neur A branching protoplasmic process of a neuron that receive and integrate signals coming from axons of other neurons, and convey the resulting signal to the body of the cell (Gene Ontology)., One of several similar processes that issue from the perikaryon of a neuron, generally specialized for receiving synaptic input from other neurons or transduction of signals from the environment. nsduction of signals from the environment.
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Categories Neuron Process
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Distal Dendrite +, Proximal Dendrite + Is part of
Resource:Computational Neuroanatomy Group +, Resource:Computational Neurobiology Laboratory at the Salk Institute +, Resource:DIStributions of SPINEs +, Resource:Database of Cellular Morphologies +, Resource:NeuronDB +, Resource:Synapse Web +, Resource:TREES toolbox +, Resource:neuroConstruct + Keywords
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