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Category:Dentate gyrus granule cell
Authors David G. Amaral  +, Helen E. Scharfman  +, and Pierre Lavenex  +
Axon Location Dentate gyrus hilus +, Stratum lucidum +
Axon Ultrastructure Mossy boutons +, Mossy terminals +, Filopodia +, En-passant +
Axon synonym Dentate gyrus mossy fibers +
CellSomaShape Category:Granule Soma Quality  +
CellSomaSize Category:Length  +
CellularSynapticTarget Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell +
Comment Claiborne et al JCN 1990 (PMID: 2289972), The characteristics provided for this cel The characteristics provided for this cell class are based on the most abundant data in the field, which are from young adult rats. There could be species-specific, age-specific, and even gender-specific differences. For example, monkey and rat differ in cytoarchitectonic structure and quantitative cell morphology. tructure and quantitative cell morphology., Acsady et al J Neurosci 1998 (PMID:9547246)
Created 5 September 2007  +
CurationStatus uncurated  +
DefiningCitation The hippocampus book By Per Andersen, Richard Morris, David Amaral, John O'Keefe  +
Definition The dentate gyrus granule cell is the only principal cell of the dentate gyrus.
Dendrite Location Dentate gyrus molecular layer +
Dendrite Orientation Vertical neuronal orientation +
Dendrite Shape Tufted Dendrite Quality +
Dendrite Size Length +
Dendrite Ultrastructure Spiny Dendrite Quality +
Example  +
ExampleImage Dentate gyrus granule cell.gif +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Petilla neuron  +
Id nifext_153  +
Label Dentate gyrus granule cell  +
Located in Dentate gyrus +
LocationOfAxonArborization CA3 +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 6 October 2013 05:02:23  +
ModifiedDate 6 October 2013  +
Neurotransmitter Glutamate +
PMID 17765709  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Petilla neuron  +
SomaLocation Dentate gyrus granule cell layer +
SomaOrientation Vertical neuronal orientation +
Species Vertebrata +
SuperCategory Neuron  +
Synonym Dentate gyrus granule neuron  +, Granule cell of dentate gyrus  +, Dentate granule cell  +, DG granule cell  +
Title The dentate gyrus: fundamental neuroanatomical organization (dentate gyrus for dummies)  +
Categories Neuron
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103180 + About
Dentate gyrus axo-axonic cell + Axon terminal location
Dentate gyrus hilar cell +, Entorhinal cortex pyramidal cell + CellularSynapticTarget
Hippocampal mossy fiber + Is part of


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