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Created 3 June 2007  +
CurationStatus pending_final_vetting  +
DefinitionSource UMLS +
ExternallySourcedDefinition * Animals that have no spinal column. (MSH) * general category of the kingdom Animalia (multicellular animals) including those phyla whose members lack a notochord; ie, all animals except vertebrates in the phylum Chordata. (CSP)
Id birnlex_131  +
Label Invertebrate  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 30 May 2009 01:37:17  +
ModifiedDate 30 May 2009  +
SuperCategory Bilateria  +
Umlscui C1004398  +
Categories Bilateria
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Resource:Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center +, Resource:Cell Properties Database +, Resource:GRIN +, Resource:High Throughput Genomic Sequences Division +, Resource:Images of the Drosophila Nervous System +, Resource:Invertebrate Brain Platform +, Resource:Migratory Locust EST Database +, Resource:National Resource Center for Cephalopods +, Resource:NeuronBank +, Resource:NeuronDB +, Resource:Tree families database +, Resource:Tree of Life Web Project + Keywords
Resource:Atlas of Living Australia +, Resource:Ensembl Genomes +, Resource:GOblet +, Resource:IMGT - the international ImMunoGeneTics information system +, Resource:Invertebrate Brain Platform +, Resource:VectorBase +, Stomatogastric ganglion anterior burster neuron +, Stomatogastric ganglion lateral pyloric neuron +, Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric dilator neuron + Species


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