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Definition Synthetic 9 residue cyclic peptide. The ho Synthetic 9 residue cyclic peptide. The hormone is prepared synthetically to avoid possible contamination with vasopressin (ADH) and other small polypeptides with biologic activity. Pharmacology: Used to induce labor or to enhance uterine contractions during labor. Uterine motility depends on the formation of the contractile protein actomyosin under the influence of the Ca2+-dependent phosphorylating enzyme myosin light-chain kinase. Oxytocin promotes contractions by increasing the intracellular Ca2+, which in turn activates myosins light chain kinase.. Oxytocin has specific receptors in the muscle llining of the uterus and the receptor concentration increases greatly during pregnancy, reaching a maximum in early labor at term. Mechanism of action: Binds the oxytocin receptor which leads to an increase in intracellular calcium levels. Drug type: Approved. Biotech. Drug category: Anti-tocolytic Agents. Labor Induction Agents. Oxytocics Agents. Labor Induction Agents. Oxytocics
Has role Drug +, Neuropeptide +
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Label Oxytocin  +
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RelatedTo Oxytocin-neurophysin 1 +, Prolyl endopeptidase +
SuperCategory Peptide  +
Synonym Pitocin  +, Syntocinon  +, Oxytocin (BAM Biotech)  +, Pitocin (Parke-Davis)  +, Syntocinon (Sandoz)  +
Categories Peptide
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Hypothalamus oxytocin neuroendocrine magnocellular cell + Neurotransmitter


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