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Category:Resource:ArrayExpress Archive
Abbrev ArrayExpress  +
Address EMBL-EBI  +, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus  +, Hinxton  +, Cambridgeshire  +, CB10 1SD  +, UK  +
AltURL  +
Availability Public +, The community can contribute to this resource +, Acknowledgement requested +, Private +
Comment Start date: 1994 <br /> Type: Disciplinary <br /> Deposit: Open
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition Database of functional genomics experiment Database of functional genomics experiments including gene expression where you can query and download data collected to MIAME and MINSEQE standards. It includes gene expression data from microarray and high throughput sequencing studies. Gene Expression Atlas contains a subset of curated and re-annotated Archive data which can be queried for individual gene expression under different biological conditions across experiments. The ArrayExpress Archive is one of the three international public repositories of functional genomics data supporting publications. It includes data generated by sequencing or array-based technologies. Data are submitted by users and imported directly from the NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus. The ArrayExpress Archive is closely integrated with the Gene Expression Atlas and the sequence databases at the European Bioinformatics Institute. Advanced queries provided via ontology enabled interfaces include queries based on technology and sample attributes such as disease, cell types and anatomy. The Repository contains data from over 47787 experiments comprising approximately 1361377 assays (March 2014). The majority of the data are array based, but other data types are included, including ultra high-throughput sequencing transcriptomics and epigenetic data. All the data and array designs in ArrayExpress are available for direct download in a number of different formats. Submissions are welcome. ifferent formats. Submissions are welcome.
ExampleImage ArrayExpress.PNG +
Grant Category:226073   +, Category:200754   +, Category:P41 HG003619   +
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Has role Database +, Data repository +, Catalog +
Id nif-0000-30123  +
Is part of Resource:European Bioinformatics Institute +
Keywords Genomics +, Experiment +, Gene +, Gene expression +, Microarray +, Array +, Bio-measurement +, Atlas +, Assay +, Epigenetics +, Molecular neuroanatomy resource +, Functional genomics +, High throughput sequencing +, Gold standard +
Label Resource:ArrayExpress  +
Listedby Resource:DataCite +, Resource:OMICtools +, +
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ModifiedDate 2 February 2015  +
PMID 23193272, 21071405  +
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RelatedTo Resource:Gene Expression Atlas +, Resource:MAGE-TAB +, Resource:Experimental Factor Ontology +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency Resource:European Molecular Biology Laboratory; Heidelberg; Germany +, European Union +, SLING +, Gen2Phen +, National Human Genome Research Institute +, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering +, National Cancer Institute +
Synonym ArrayExpress - functional genomics data  +, ArrayExpress Archive  +
TermsofUseURL  +
Usedby Resource:NIF Data Federation +
Uses Resource:MIAME +, Resource:MINSEQE +, Resource:Gene Expression Omnibus +
Xref OMICS_01023  +
Categories Resource
redirect page Resource:ArrayExpress
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Resource:ArrayExpress (R) +, Resource:Bgee: a dataBase for Gene Expression Evolution +, Resource:DDBJ Omics Archive +, Resource:Experimental Factor Ontology +, Resource:FlyMine +, Resource:ISA Infrastructure for Managing Experimental Metadata +, Resource:MIAME +, Resource:Magic + RelatedTo
Resource:BioSample Database at EBI +, Resource:Integrated Datasets + Uses


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