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Category:Resource:ENCODE: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements
Abbrev ENCODE  +
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Availability Free for academic use +, Data Release Policy +, Acknowledgement requested +, Non-commercial +
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Definition An encyclopedia of DNA elements consisting An encyclopedia of DNA elements consisting of a comprehensive parts list of functional elements in the human genome, including elements that act at the protein and RNA levels, and regulatory elements that control cells and circumstances in which a gene is active, that is freely available as as a fundamental information resource for all biomedical researchers. ENCODE enables the scientific and medical communities to interpret the role of the human genome in biology and disease. ENCODE provides identification of common cell types to facilitate integrative analysis and a new experimental technologies based on high-throughput sequencing.<br /> ENCODE data are available for the entire human genome. All ENCODE data are free and available for immediate use via: * Search for displayable tracks and downloadable files * Download of data files * Visualization in the UCSC Genome Browser (ENCODE data marked with the NHGRI logo) * Data mining with the UCSC Table Browser and other UCSC Genome Bioinformatics tools and other UCSC Genome Bioinformatics tools
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Is part of University of California at Santa Cruz; California; USA +
Keywords Genome +, Function +, DNA +, Gene +, Human genome +, Functional element +, Functional gene +, Human genome sequence +, Transcription factor +, Genotype +, Transcript +, Transcriptional regulatory region +, Chromatin state +, DNA methylation +
Label Resource:ENCODE: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements  +
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Species Human +, Mouse +
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Supporting Agency National Human Genome Research Institute +
Synonym Encyclopedia of DNA Elements  +, Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE)  +
Twitter ENCODE_NIH  +
Usedby Resource:Monarch Initiative +
Xref OMICS_00532  +
Categories Resource
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Resource:Factorbook +, Resource:UCSC Genome Browser +, Resource:modENCODE + RelatedTo
Resource:BioSample Database at EBI +, Resource:VizHub + Uses


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