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Category:Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing
Abbrev One Mind Biobanks, One Mind Biobank  +
Availability The community can contribute to this resource +, Data are licensed by their respective owners. Use and distribution is subject to the Terms of Use by the original resource as well as the +, Creative Commons Attribution License +
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation*&b=0&r=20  +
Definition International registry of biomaterial supp International registry of biomaterial supply resources both for transplantation and research. Contributions to this resource are welcome, The database is searchable through NIF,*&t=indexable&nif=nlx_143622-1 and updated regularly. mp;nif=nlx_143622-1 and updated regularly.
ExampleImage One Mind One Voice Bio-repository Cosmic Landscape.PNG +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Resource  +
Has role Biomaterial supply resource +, Tissue bank +, Cell repository +, Brain bank +, Catalog +
Id nlx_143622  +
Is part of Resource:One Mind for Research +, Resource:Neuroscience Information Framework +, Resource:American Brain Coalition +
Keywords Biorepository +, Bio-repository +, Database +, Catalog +, Biobank +, Biospecimen +, Repository +
Label Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing  +
Listedby Biobank +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 2 February 2015 08:27:04  +
ModifiedDate 2 February 2015  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Resource  +
Related application Research  +, Transplantation  +
Species Human +, Non-human animal +, Mouse +, Rat +, Xenopus +, Non-human primate +, Zebrafish +, Rhesus monkey +, Long-tailed macaque +, Monkey +, Pig +, Tick +, Chicken +, Bos taurus +, Mammal +, Common marmoset +, Callithrix +, Animal +, Dictyostelium discoideum +, Dictyostelium purpureum +, Guinea pig +, Chlorocebus aethiops +, Mesocricetus auratus +, Channel catfish +, Drosophila melanogaster +, Horse +, Rodent +, Other +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Synonym One Mind Biospecimen Banks  +, One Mind: One Voice Bio-repository Cosmic Landscape  +
Usedby Resource:NIF Data Federation +, Resource:Aging Portal +
Categories Resource
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Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering +, Resource:AASK Clinical Trial and Cohort Study +, Resource:ADA GENNID Study +, Resource:ADNI - Alzheimers Disease Neuroimaging Initiative +, Resource:AIDS Malignancy Bank +, Resource:AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource +, Resource:ATCC +, Resource:Accelerated Cure Project MS Repository +, Resource:Acute Liver Failure Study Group +, Resource:Addgene +, Resource:Addiction Research GPCR Assay Bank +, Resource:Adenoma Polyp Tissue Bank +, Resource:Advanced Biohealing, Inc. +, Resource:Africa Centre Biobank +, Resource:Aged Rodent Tissue Bank +, Resource:Aging Cell Repository +, Resource:Alabama Organ Center +, Resource:Alamo Tissue Service, Ltd. +, Resource:AlloSource +, Resource:Allograft Innovations, LLC +, Listedby
Resource:Aging Portal + Uses


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