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Abbrev Th  +
AbbrevSource NeuroNames_abbrevSource  +
Created 15 July 2006  +
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DefiningCriteria topography  +
Definition Subcortical brain region consisting of pai Subcortical brain region consisting of paired gray matter bodies in the dorsal diencephalon and forming part of the lateral wall of the third ventricle of the brain. The thalamus represents the major portion of the diencephalon and is commonly divided into cellular aggregates known as nuclear groups.(MeSH). The dorsal topographic division of the interbrain. The macrodissected adult human thalamus was clearly illustrated by Vesalius in 1543 and the term as defined here was introduced by His in 1893. It includes the traditional epithalamus, dorsal thalamus, and ventral thalamus of Herrick (1910, pp. 494, 498). Also see Kuhlenbeck (1927, Ch. 9) and Jones (1985, p. 87). eck (1927, Ch. 9) and Jones (1985, p. 87).
EditorialNote maybe propose nucleus (part of same functional system) vs region (= groups of nuclei like the thalamus)
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. PONS brain region  +
Id birnlex_954  +
Is part of Cerebrospinal axis +
Label Thalamus  +
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ModifiedDate 21 March 2015  +
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Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. PONS brain region  +
Species Vertebrata +
SuperCategory Regional part of brain  +
Synonym Parencephalon  +
TomoDefiningCriteria Lies between the interventricular foramen Lies between the interventricular foramen and th eposterior commissure and extends from the third ventricle to the medial border of the powterior limb of the internal capsule, dorsal to the hypothalamic sulcus (Carpenter, Core Text of Neuroanatomy, 3rd ed., 1985, pg. 44). t of Neuroanatomy, 3rd ed., 1985, pg. 44).
Umlscui C0039729  +
Categories Regional part of brain
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111901 + About
Pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus + AfferentProjections
Fastigial nucleus +, Globus pallidus internal segment +, Neocortex +, Primary motor cortex +, Rexed lamina V +, Rexed lamina X + EfferentProjections
Anterior nuclear group +, Caudal thalamus +, Epithalamus +, Interanterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus +, Intermediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus +, Interthalamic adhesion +, Intralaminar nuclear group +, Lateral nuclear group +, Lateral thalamus +, Medial dorsal nucleus +, Medial thalamus +, Mediodorsal thalamus +, Metathalamus +, Midline nuclear group +, Nuclei of the thalamus +, Posterior nuclear complex +, Posterior thalamus +, Stratum zonale of thalamus +, Stria medullaris +, Submedial nucleus +, Is part of
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Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) interneuron +, Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron +, Thalamus geniculate nucleus (medial) interneuron +, Thalamus ventroposterior nucleus interneuron + Located in
Neocortex primary motor area pyramidal layer 5 corticospinal cell + LocationOfAxonArborization
Diencephalon of WHS11 +, Thalamus of ABA 2009 +, Thalamus of PHT00 +, Thalamus of WHS11 + PartiallyOverlapsWith
Consciousness + RelatedTo


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