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Created 5 October 2007  +
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Curator Bill Bug +
Definition an algorithm is a plan which describes inp an algorithm is a plan which describes inputs, output of mathematical functions as well as workflow of execution for achieving an predefined objective. Algorithms are realized usually by means of implementation as computer programs for execution by automata. mputer programs for execution by automata.
EditorialNote This is a proxy class to be replaced by its OBI equivalent, once there is an official release built off BFO v1.1 that can be successfully classified using Pellet v1.5.0 in Protege.
Id birnlex_11009  +
Label Algorithm  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 30 July 2009 09:02:43  +
ModifiedDate 30 July 2009  +
SuperCategory Information entity  +
Categories Information entity
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Resource:Agadir +, Resource:Phyre + Has role
Resource:ANTS - Advanced Normalization ToolS +, Resource:Automatic Generated Test-Sets Database for Protein-Protein Docking +, Resource:Automatic Segmentation Tool Adapter +, Resource:Autopack +, Resource:BRAINS +, Resource:BiSearch: Primer Design and Search Tool +, Resource:Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis +, Resource:Burnham Institute for Medical Research, Conrad Prebys Center for Chemical Genomics +, Resource:CAST +, Resource:CellProfiler Image Analysis Software +, Resource:Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry +, Resource:CoPreTHi +, Resource:Components And Tools for Accessible COmputer Modeling in (neuro)Biology +, Resource:Comprehensive Systems-Biology Database +, Resource:Computational Biology Center +, Resource:ConSurf Server Database +, - Dendritic Cell Research Knowledge Portal +, Resource:DOLOP: A Database of Bacterial Lipoproteins +, Resource:Disease Genes Conserved Sequence Tags Database +, Resource:Electroencephalogram Database: Prediction of Epileptic Seizures +, Keywords


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