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Category:Brodmann area 2
Created 2 October 2007  +
Curator Http:// annotation properties.owl +
DefinitionSource Http:// annotation properties.owl +
EditorialNote The lobular mapping of Brodmann areas has The lobular mapping of Brodmann areas has been adapted from the LOCATION hierarchy in To date (2007-10-02) this only define the set of lateralized cerebral lobe locations where a given Brodmann area is located. The intension is to eventually incorporate the more detailed gyri and sulci relations as well. detailed gyri and sulci relations as well.
ExternallySourcedDefinition The term area 2 of Brodmann-1909 refers to The term area 2 of Brodmann-1909 refers to a subdivision of the postcentral gyrus of the guenon defined on the basis of cytoarchitecture. Brodmann-1909 regarded it as topologically and cytoarchitecturally homologous to the human caudal postcentral area 2. Distinctive features (Brodmann-1905): compared to area 1 of Brodmann-1909, the cortical thickness of area 2 is considerably less; the pyramidal cells of sublayer 3b of the external pyramidal layer (III) are larger and much more densely distributed which produces a more distinct difference between sublayers 3a and 3b; ganglion cells of the internal pyramidal layer (V) are on average much larger and more numerous and are not infrequently intermixed with cells the size of small giant pyramidal cells; layer V is also distinctly divided into a sublayer 5a and 5b where the latter is a clear strip between sublayer 5a and the multiform layer (VI); layer VI consists of a dense outer sublayer 6a of triangular cells and a sparser deeper sublayer 6b of fusiform cells. Authors von Bonin and Bailey disputed the existence of area 2 which they sought unsuccessfully to identify in the macaque as area PD of Bonin-1947 (Bonin-1947). que as area PD of Bonin-1947 (Bonin-1947).
Id birnlex_1733  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 10 February 2009 12:36:10  +
ModifiedDate 2 October 2007  +
NeuronamesID 1041  +
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Synonym area 2 of Brodmann-1909  +, Brodmann.2  +, Area postcentralis caudalis  +, Brodmann area 2, caudal postcentral  +
Umlscui C1272524  +
Categories Brodmann partion scheme region
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