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Category:Cognitive function
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EditorialNote The examples are derived from the Wikipedi The examples are derived from the Wikipedia page on 'Mental function.' Perhaps a more narrow set of examples that specifically fit to our requirements in BIRN would be more appropriate. A more authoritative neuropsychological source should also be used, as some of these examples may be considered by neuropsychologists to be degenerate - e.g., 'belief function' is_a 'imaginative function' (BB:2007-03-05). Note that we are distinguishing between processes and functions, so there will appear to be a set of duplicate classes. The distinction as described by BFO, as we understand it, is that functions are end-directed activities of continuants. So memory function is an end activity of a memory process. We therefore measure memory function as an indicator of the effectiveness of the memory process. f the effectiveness of the memory process.
Example creative function  +, imaginative function  +, volitional function  +, perceptual function  +, introspective function  +, conceptual function  +, belief function  +, memory function  +, reasoning function  +, emotional function  +
ExternallySourcedDefinition * Level of functioning in intellectual tasks. (PSY) * Ability to perform cognitive activity (observable entity)
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Label Cognitive function  +
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Categories Behavioral system function
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Resource:Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) +, Resource:Cognitive Atlas +, Resource:NIMH Intramural Research Program Clinical Brain Disorders Branch +, Resource:National Social Life Health and Aging Project (NSHAP) +, Resource:Neuropsychological testing ontology +, Resource:Northwestern University Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimers Disease Center +, Resource:Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination +, Resource:UK Biobank + Keywords


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