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Definition Any substance which when absorbed into a living organism may modify one or more of its functions. The term is generally accepted for a substance taken for a therapeutic purpose, but is also commonly used for abused substances.
Id CHEBI_23888  +
Label Drug  +
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SuperCategory Molecule role  +
Categories Molecule role
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3-Methylthiofentanyl +, 5-Methoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine +, APV +, Abacavir +, Abarelix +, Abatacept +, Abciximab +, Acamprosate +, Acarbose +, Acebutolol +, Acenocoumarol +, Acepromazine +, Aceprometazine +, Acetaminophen +, Acetazolamide +, Acetohexamide +, Acetohydroxamic Acid +, Acetophenazine +, Acetyldigitoxin +, Aciclovir +, Has role
NIH Clinical Center +, Resource:ABIRISK +, Resource:ABX Guide +, Resource:ACEpepDB +, Resource:ADAPT +, Resource:AETIONOMY +, Resource:AIDSinfo Drug Database +, Resource:AMEDEO, The Medical Literature Guide +, Resource:ARIAD +, Resource:ASPET +, Resource:Ablynx +, Resource:Academic Drug Discovery Consortium +, Resource:Accelerating Medicines Partnership - Alzheimers +, Resource:Accelerating Medicines Partnership - Diabetes +, Resource:Accelerating Medicines Partnership Autoimmune Diseases of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus +, Resource:Advanced Immunization Technologies +, Resource:AgedBrainSYSBIO +, Resource:Alkermes +, Resource:Allen Institute Neurowiki +, Resource:Alzheimers Disease Cooperative Study +, Keywords
Agonist role +, Antagonist role +, Drug administration paradigm +, Small molecule + RelatedTo


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