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Created 5 October 2007  +
CurationStatus uncurated  +
Definition A resource that provides a picture or likeness of somebody or something.
EditorialNote This is a proxy class to be replaced by its OBI equivalent, once there is an official release built off BFO v1.1 that can be successfully classified using Pellet v1.5.0 in Protege.
Id birnlex_11005  +
Keywords Resource:CINERGI +
Label Image  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 7 November 2014 01:50:25  +
ModifiedDate 7 November 2014  +
SuperCategory Data or information resource  +
Categories Data or information resource
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Resource:Arabidopsis Nucleolar Protein Database +, Resource:BRAID +, Resource:BraInSitu: A homepage for molecular neuroanatomy +, Resource:Brain-Art Competition +, Resource:DermAtlas. +, Resource:DigiMorph +, Resource:ECGpedia +, Resource:Rickettsia Genome Database +, Resource:Segmented ssTEM stack of neural tissue +, Resource:Small Molecule Pathway Database +, Resource:SpBase - Strongylocentrotus purpuratus: the Sea Urchin Genome Database +, Resource:Statistical Torsional Angles Potentials of NMR Refinement Database +, Resource:Stroke Patient Recovery Research Database (SPReD) +, Resource:Subcellular Location Image Finder +, Resource:UCSF Laboratory for Visual Neuroscience +, Resource:US Biomax +, Resource:WaNPRC Pathology and Tissue Program +, Resource:WebMD +, Resource:Werblin Lab +, Resource:WikiSurgery - The Free Surgical Encyclopedia +, Has role
Resource:3DViewnix +, Resource:ABC (Atlas Based Classification) +, Resource:ABIDE +, Resource:ABSORB: Atlas Building by Self-Organized Registration and Bundling +, Resource:ASAP: the Alternative Splicing Annotation Project +, Resource:ASH Image Bank +, Resource:Academic Seismic Portal at UTIG +, Resource:Accelerated Cure Project MS Repository +, Resource:Adobe Photoshop CS2 +, Resource:Advanced Neuroscience Imaging Research Laboratory Software Packages +, Resource:Aged Rodent Tissue Arrays +, Resource:All the Virology on the WWW +, Resource:Allen Brain Atlas API +, Resource:Allen Institute for Brain Science Transgenic Mouse Study +, Resource:Allen Mouse Brain Atlas +, Resource:Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas +, Resource:Alzheimers Disease Cooperative Study +, Resource:AnoBase: An Anopheles database +, Resource:AntWeb +, Resource:Antibody Resource Page +, Keywords
Image collection +, Image repository + RelatedTo


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