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Definition A wide spectrum aliphatic organophosphate A wide spectrum aliphatic organophosphate insecticide widely used for both domestic and commercial agricultural purposes. (PubChem) Pharmacology: Malathion is an organophosphate insecticide commonly used to control mosquitos and other flying insects. Pharmaceutically, malathion is used to eliminate head lice. The principal toxicological effect of malathion is cholinesterase inhibition, due primarily to malaoxon and to phosphorus thionate impurities. Mechanism of action: Malathion is a nonsystemic, wide-spectrum organophosphate insecticide. It inhibits acetylcholinesterase activity of most eukaryotes. Malathion is toxic to aquatic organisms, but has a relatively low toxicity for birds and mammals. The major metabolites of malathion are mono- and di-carboxylic acid derivatives, and malaoxon is a minor metabolite. However, it is malaoxon that is the strongest cholinesterase inhibitor. Cholinesterases catalyze the hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine into choline and acetic acid, a reaction necessary to allow a cholinergic neuron to return to its resting state after activation. Because of its essential function, chemicals that interfere with the action of cholinesterase are potent neurotoxins, causing muscle spasms and ultimately death. Drug type: Approved. Investigational. Small Molecule. Drug category: Cholinesterase Inhibitors. Insecticides y: Cholinesterase Inhibitors. Insecticides
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Label Malathion  +
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SuperCategory Molecular entity  +
Synonym Carbofos  +, Carbophos  +, Compound 4049  +, Experimental insecticide 4049  +, Insecticide no  +, 4049  +, MLT  +, Malathione  +, Maldison  +, Mercaptosuccinic acid diethyl ester  +, Mercaptothion  +, Mercaptotion  +, Oleophosphothion  +, malathion  +, Calmathion  +, Carbethoxy malathion  +, Carbetovur  +, Carbetox  +, Celthion  +, Chemathion  +, Cimexan  +, Cleensheen  +, Cythion  +, Derbac-M  +, Detmol MA  +, Emmatos  +, Emmatos extra  +, Ethiolacar  +, Etiol  +, Extermathion  +, Fog 3  +, Formal  +, Forthion  +, Fosfothion  +, Fosfotion  +, Fosfotion 550  +, Fyfanon  +, Hilthion  +, Hilthion 25WDP  +, Karbofos  +, Kop-Thionkypfosmalacide  +, Kop-thion  +, Kypfos  +, Latka 4049  +, Lice Rid  +, Malacide  +, Malafor  +, Malagran  +, Malakill  +, Malamar  +, Malamar 50  +, Malaphele  +, Malaphos  +, Malasol  +, Malaspray  +, Malathion 60  +, Malathion E50  +, Malathion LV Concentrate  +, Malathiozoo  +, Malathon  +, Malation  +, Malatol  +, Malatox  +, Malmed  +, Malphos  +, Maltox  +, Maltox MLT  +, Moscarda  +, OMS 1  +, Organoderm  +, Ortho Malathion  +, Ovide  +, Phosphothion  +, Prioderm  +, Sadofos  +, Sadofos 30  +, Sadophos  +, Siptox I  +, Staeubol-Puder  +, Suleo-M  +, Sumitox  +, TAK  +, Taskil  +, Vegfru malatox  +, Vetiol  +, Zithiol  +
Categories Molecular entity
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