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CommonName mammals  +
Created 7 October 2006  +
CurationStatus raw_import  +
DefinitionSource UMLS +
EditorialNote This class is not intended to present a normative, comprehensive, taxonomic hierarchy, but rather is provided as an approximate indication of the phylogenetic relatedness amongst the taxonomic groups nested under it (BB).
ExternallySourcedDefinition * Any warm-blooded vertebrate having the s * Any warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair; young are born alive except for the small subclass of monotremes and nourished with milk. (NCI) * Warm-blooded vertebrate animals belonging to the class Mammalia, including all that possess hair and suckle their young. It includes three major groups: placentals and marsupials, which are viviparous, and monotremes, which are oviparous. (Dorland, 28th ed.) (MSH) * warm-blooded chordates with hair, 7 cervical vertebrates, 4 chambered heart, 5 or fewer digits on each limb, mammary glands with milk for feeding young; can be terrestrial, aerial or aquatic. (CSP) n be terrestrial, aerial or aquatic. (CSP)
GbifID 13140957  +
Id birnlex_252  +
Label Mammal  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 29 May 2009 23:49:19  +
ModifiedDate 29 May 2009  +
SuperCategory Amniota  +
Synonym Mammalia  +
TaxID 40674  +
TaxKey 215038  +
TaxName Mammal  +
Umlscui C0024660  +
Categories Amniota
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Resource:AceView +, Resource:CSHL - Hannon Lab +, Resource:Collecting Duct Database +, Resource:Embryo Images Normal and Abnormal Mammalian Development +, Resource:I2D +, Resource:MIPS Mammalian Protein-Protein Interaction Database +, Resource:Model Organisms for Biomedical Research +, Resource:MouseCyc +, Resource:Newtomics +, Resource:Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center +, Resource:Sanger Mouse Resources Portal +, Resource:Tetraodon Genome Browser +, Resource:U.S. Pig Genome Project +, Resource:University of Texas at San Antonio Laboratory of Professor Brenda Claiborne +, Resource:doRiNA + Keywords
Abducens nucleus +, Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex nonpyramidal PV basket cell +, Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex nonpyramidal PV chandelier cell +, Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex nonpyramidal SOM neuron +, Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex pyramidal neuron +, Amygdala intercalated nuclei small spiny neuron +, Amygdala lateral central nucleus medium spiny neuron +, Anterior amygdaloid area +, Anterior pretectal nucleus +, Arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus +, Barrington's nucleus +, Basal nucleus +, Brachium of inferior colliculus +, Brachium of superior colliculus +, CA1 stratum oriens +, Cerebellum Purkinje cell +, Cerebellum unipolar brush cell +, Claustrum +, Cochlea inner hair cell +, Cochlea outer hair cell +, Species


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