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Created 20 August 2007  +
CurationStatus raw_import  +
DefinitionSource UMLS +
ExternallySourcedDefinition * A non-taxonomic, non-specific term for t * A non-taxonomic, non-specific term for the smaller longer-tailed PRIMATES. (MSH) * Any haplorhine primate not belonging to the family Tarsiidae, Hylobatidae, Pongidae, or Hominidae; this does not correspond to any taxon. This group is divided into Old World monkeys (Cercopithecidae) and New World monkeys (Callitrichidae and Cebidae). Many types are used as an experimental model for human disease and drug testing. (NCI) for human disease and drug testing. (NCI)
Id birnlex_349  +
Label Monkey  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 29 May 2009 22:49:04  +
ModifiedDate 29 May 2009  +
SuperCategory Simiiformes  +
Umlscui C0026447  +
Categories Simiiformes
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Resource:Boston University Microarray Resource Core +, Resource:Brain Machine Interface Platform +, Resource:Caribbean Primate Research Center Program +, Resource:Institute of Neuroinformatics +, Resource:Johns Hopkins Laboratory of Brain Anatomical MRI +, Resource:National Center for Research Resources - Primate Resources +, Resource:Neural Systems and Graphics Computing Laboratory: Micro3D Software +, Resource:New England National Primate Research Center +, Resource:New Iberia Research Center +, Resource:Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource +, Resource:Primate Cortical Connectivity Database +, Resource:Primate Embryo Gene Expression Resource +, Resource:Stereotaxic MRI Brain Atlas of Monkey +, Resource:UCSF Laboratory for Visual Neuroscience +, Resource:Vervet Research Colony +, Resource:Viral Immunology Center +, Resource:WaNPRC Pathology and Tissue Program +, Resource:Washington National Primate Research Center + Keywords
Olfactory tubercle cap hilus region of Meyer et al 1989 +, Perirhinal cortex of primate of Burwell et al 1995 +, Precuneus cortex +, Resource:Abgent +, Resource:BraInSitu: A homepage for molecular neuroanatomy +, Resource:BrainLiner +, Resource:BrainNavigator +, Resource:CRCNS +, Resource:California National Primate Research Center +, Resource:California National Primate Research Center Analytical and Resource Core +, Resource:EEG / ERP Data Set +, Resource:Mammalian Adult Neurogenesis Gene Ontology +, Resource:NIA Nonhuman Primate Tissue Bank +, Resource:National Center for Research Resources - Primate Resources +, Resource:NeuroMorpho.Org +, Resource:OBrien Reagan York and Jacobsen Drug-induced Cardiotoxicity Biomarkers +, Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing +, Resource:Primate Cortical Connectivity Database +, Resource:SurfRelax +, Resource:Wake Forest Cynomolgus Breeding Colony +, Species


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