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Created 7 October 2006  +
CurationStatus uncurated  +
Definition A mammal of the rodent order and genus Mus (MM).
EditorialNote This class is not intended to present a normative, comprehensive, taxonomic hierarchy, but rather is provided as an approximate indication of the phylogenetic relatedness amongst the taxonomic groups nested under it (BB).
GbifID 13819904  +
Has role Model organism role +
Id birnlex_167  +
Label Mouse  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 18 June 2013 17:07:35  +
ModifiedDate 18 June 2013  +
SuperCategory Mus  +
Synonym house mouse  +, Mus musculus  +, mouse  +, mice  +
TaxID 10090  +
TaxKey 241928  +
TaxName Mus musculus  +
Umlscui C0025914  +
Categories Mus
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Resource:3D MRI Atlas of Mouse Development +, Resource:AceView +, Resource:Alizadehlab: MeeboChip and HeeboChip Open Source Project +, Resource:Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas +, Resource:Allen Institute Mouse Diversity Study +, Resource:Allen Institute for Brain Science +, Resource:Allen Institute for Brain Science Sleep Study +, Resource:Allen Institute for Brain Science Transgenic Mouse Study +, Resource:Allen Mouse Spinal Cord Atlas +, Resource:Allen Reference Atlas +, Resource:AllenInstitute - YouTube +, Resource:Alphabetical List of Knockout Genes +, Resource:Alzheimer Research Forum +, Resource:Animal Genome Database +, Resource:Atlas3D +, Resource:AutDB +, Resource:BayGenomics +, Resource:Beta Cell Biology Consortium +, Resource:Bio Resource for Array Genes Database +, Resource:Biomolecular Object Network Databank +, Keywords
ABA 2009 adult mouse brain parcellation scheme +, Abducens nucleus of ABA 2009 +, Accessory olfactory bulb granular layer of ABA 2009 +, Accessory olfactory bulb mitral layer of ABA 2009 +, Accessory olfactory bulb of ABA 2009 +, Ammon's horn of ABA 2009 +, Anterior commissure of WHS11 +, Anterior olfactory nucleus of ABA 2009 +, Arcuate hypothalamic nucleus of ABA 2009 +, Basal Ganglia of PAXFR01 +, Basic cell groups and regions of ABA 2009 +, Bed nucleus of the anterior commissure of ABA 2009 +, Brain of WHS11 +, Brain stem of ABA 2009 +, Central Institute of Mental Health; Mannheim; Germany +, Cerebellar cortex Purkinje layer of ABA 2009 +, Cerebellar cortex granular layer of ABA 2009 +, Cerebellar cortex of ABA 2009 +, Cerebellar nuclei of ABA 2009 +, Cerebellum of ABA 2009 +, Species


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