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Comment I also added "non-invasive" to the definition, as I think that is the sense in which this is used and not just any imaging of the brain
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Definition The use various non-invasive techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure, function/pharmacology of the brain - definition adapted from Wikipedia
EditorialNote I am moving this to Role, as all of the techniques included can be used to image any tissue.
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Computer Axial Tomography imaging assay +, Diffusion tensor imaging +, Electroencephalography recording protocol +, Magnetic resonance imaging +, Magnetic resonance spectroscopy +, Magnetoencephalography +, SPECT imaging protocol + Has role
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering +, Resource:1000 Functional Connectomes Project +, Resource:AAL +, Resource:ADHD-200 Preprocessed Data +, Resource:ADHD-200 Sample +, Resource:ADNI - Alzheimers Disease Neuroimaging Initiative +, Resource:AETIONOMY +, Resource:AMAT +, Resource:ANTsR +, Resource:Accelerating Medicines Partnership - Alzheimers +, Resource:Allen Brain Atlas API +, Resource:Allen Institute for Brain Science +, Resource:Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas +, Resource:Artifact Detection Tools +, Resource:Atlas3D +, Resource:Atrophy Simulation Package +, Resource:Automatic Analysis +, Resource:BESA +, Resource:BRAINSTestData +, Resource:Beijing: Eyes Open Eyes Closed Study +, Keywords


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