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Category:Olfactory bulb (main) mitral cell
Abbrev MC  +
AxonDiameter Rat: 1 um +
AxonLength several mm  +
AxonMyelination myelinated  +
AxonProjectionLaterality ipsilateral  +
CellSomaShape Category:Mitral   +
CellSomaSize Large soma  +
CellularSynapticTarget Olfactory bulb (main) granule cell +, Intrinsic: granule cells in granule cell layer and external plexiform layer; possibly Blanes cells in granule cell layer; Extrinsic +, Pyramidal cells of olfactory cortex; superficial interneurons of olfactory cortex +
Created 5 September 2007  +
CurationStatus graph position temporary  +
DefiningCitation Shepherd, Chen and Greer (2004). Olfactory bulb. In The Synaptic Organization of the Brain, ed 5. New York: Oxford University Press.  +
DefiningCriteria Morphology; Connectivity; Biochemical  +
Definition Principal neuron located in the olfactory Principal neuron located in the olfactory bulb in the mammalian central nervous system. The cell bodies are arranged in a thin layer between the granule cell layer and the external plexiform layer. Each mitral cell is usually characterized in the mammal by a single primary dendrite that traverses the external plexiform layer and terminates within an olfactory glomerulus in a tuft of branches which receives input from the axons of olfactory receptor neurons. Axons of the mitral cells project to a number of areas in the brain, including the piriform cortex, entorhinal cortex, olfactory tubercle, and amygdala. cortex, olfactory tubercle, and amygdala.
DendriteLength Rat: Apical trunk: 400-500 um; apical tuft: 70-150 um; basal: up to 1 mm +
DendriteThickness Rat: Apical trunk: 2-6; apical tuft: 1-2 um at origin; basal: 2-3 um at origin, narrowing through branching to less than 1 um.  +
EditorialNote I changed protocadherin-2 to Protocadherin gamma-C3, as that seems to be the preferred name in NCBI and the Protein Ontology. Changed TBX-21 to T-box protein 21, to distinguish it from the gene. Please let me know if these changes aren't appropriate. know if these changes aren't appropriate.
ExampleImage Olfactory bulb (main) mitral cell.gif +
FiringPatterns Regular firing and bursting  +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Petilla neuron  +
Has role Principal neuron role +
Id nifext_120  +
Label Olfactory bulb (main) mitral cell  +
Located in Olfactory bulb main mitral cell body layer +
LocationOfAxonArborization Olfactory cortex +
LocationOfLocalAxonArborization Olfactory bulb main granule cell layer +, Olfactory bulb main external plexiform layer +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 28 August 2014 19:01:52  +
ModifiedDate 28 August 2014  +
MolecularConstituents T-box protein 21 +, Protocadherin gamma-C3 +
Neurotransmitter Glutamate +
NeurotransmitterReceptors GABA receptor +, AMPA-type glutamate-gated cationic channel +, NMDA +, GABA A-gated anionic channel +, GABA-B Receptor +
NumberOfPrimaryDendrites 1 (applies to most mammals)  +
OriginOfAxon soma and sometimes dendrite  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Petilla neuron  +
PassiveSubthresholdParameters RN, 20=50 megohm  +
Species Mammal +
SpikingFeatures same  +
SpineDensityOnDendrites Smooth +
SpontaneousFiringPatterns Regular firing and bursting  +
SpontaneousFiringRate medium firing  +
SubcellularSynapticTarget Intrinsic: Dendrodendritic synapses on granule cell dendritic spines. Extrinsic: Axon in olfactory cortical areas on apical dendritic spines of pyramidal cells and dendrites of superficial interneurons  +
SuperCategory Neuron  +
SynapticPhysiology Output synapses at both dendrodendritic and axodendritic synapses: GLU NMDA, AMPA; input synapses: GABA from granule cell dendrodendritic synapses  +
Synonym Mitral neuron  +
Categories Neuron
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104319 + About
Olfactory epithelium main sensory cell + CellularSynapticTarget


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