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Category:Resource:3D Slicer
Abbrev Slicer  +
Availability 3D Slicer License +
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Definition A free, open source software package for v A free, open source software package for visualization and image analysis including registration, segmentation, and quantification of medical image data. Slicer provides a graphical user interface to a powerful set of tools so they can be used by end-user clinicians and researchers alike. 3D Slicer is natively designed to be available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac Os X. Slicer is based on VTK ( and has a modular architecture for easy addition of new functionality. It uses an XML-based file format called MRML - Medical Reality Markup Language which can be used as an interchange format among medical imaging applications. Slicer is primarily written in C++ and Tcl.<br /> marily written in C++ and Tcl.<br />
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Has role Data visualization software +, Image analysis software +
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Is part of Harvard University; Massachusetts; USA +
Keywords BIRN +, Diffusion +, Functional +, NA-MIC (NCBC) +, NIfTI-1 support +, Registration +, Segmentation +, Visualization +, Volume +, Warping +
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RelatedTo Resource:NITRC +, Resource:Biositemaps +
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Supporting Agency National Institutes of Health +, National Center for Research Resources +, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering +, National Cancer Institute +, US Army +, (Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the ) +
Synonym 3D Slicer: A multi-platform free and open source software package for visualization and medical image computing  +, Slicer  +, 3D Slicer  +, 3DSlicer  +
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