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Category:Resource:ADA GENNID Study
Abbrev GENNID Study  +
Address American Diabetes Association  +, GENNID Resource  +, 1701 North Beauregard Street  +, Alexandria  +, VA 22311 Phone: (703) 549-1500  +, ext. 2250 Email: aeftekhari (at)  +, Region: USA  +
Availability Public +
Comment Sample type: Lymphoblastoid cell line, DNA, B-Lymphocyte
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition The purpose of the American Diabetes Assoc The purpose of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), GENNID Study (Genetics of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, NIDDM) is to establish a national database and cell repository consisting of information and genetic material from families with well-documented NIDDM. The GENNID Study will provide investigators with the information and samples necessary to conduct genetic linkage studies and locate the genes for NIDDM. Non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, African-American, and Japanese-American multiplex NIDDM families, with a minimum of one affected sib-pair, are being collected by the eight Harold Rifkin Family Acquisition Centers. Detailed family and medical histories are obtained from all participants. Family members with diabetes have fasting blood samples drawn, while nondiabetic family members have an oral glucose tolerance test and, when possible, insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion measurements by frequently sampled intravenous glucose tolerance testing or euglycemic insulin clamp. Lymphoblastoid cell lines are established for all participants. DNA samples and extensive phenotypic data are available from the American Diabetes Association's GENNID study (Genetics of NIDDM). GENNID has collected detailed family histories and a broad array of data on 170 large pedigrees, all of which contain at least one affected sib pair, with a total of 650 affected individuals and approximately 1,200 total subjects. Included are approximately 65 Caucasian, 60 Hispanic, 25 African American, and 20 Japanese American pedigrees. In addition, GENNID also contains DNA and data on 1,000 additional affected sib pairs in each of three groups, African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic. DNA and phenotypic data, including race, gender and age, are available for all members of the pedigrees. The data set includes multiple metabolic factors, including carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, and body size measures, as well as lifestyle variables obtained by questionnaire (e.g., employment, exercise, etc.). The GENNID resource is ideally suited for genetic linkage and association studies as well as SNP discovery and typing. Investigators interested in obtaining the DNA samples and/or data will need to submit a proposal to the Association that addresses the genetics of type 2 diabetes. addresses the genetics of type 2 diabetes.
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Has role Cell repository +, Data set +
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Is part of Resource:Coriell Cell Repositories +
Keywords Genetic linkage study +, Gene +, Caucasian +, Hispanic +, African-American +, Japanese-American +, Phenotypic data +, Blood +, EBV-transformed +, Lymphoblastoid cell line +, DNA +, B-Lymphocyte +, Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus +, Affected Sibling +, Clinical data +
Label Resource:ADA GENNID Study  +
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Related application Research  +
Related disease Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus +, Affected Sibling +
Species Human +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency Resource:American Diabetes Association +
Synonym American Diabetes Association GENNID Study  +, ADA Genetics of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus Study  +, Genetics of NIDDM Study  +, ADA Repository  +, ADA The GENNID Study: Genetics of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes  +
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