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Category:Resource:ANTS - Advanced Normalization ToolS
Abbrev ANTS  +
Availability BSD License +
CurationStatus curated  +
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Definition Software package designed to enable resear Software package designed to enable researchers with advanced tools for brain and image mapping. Many of the ANTS registration tools are diffeomorphic*, but deformation (elastic and BSpline) transformations are available. Unique components of ANTS include multivariate similarity metrics, landmark guidance, the ability to use label images to guide the mapping and both greedy and space-time optimal implementations of diffeomorphisms. The symmetric normalization (SyN) strategy is a part of the ANTS toolkit as is directly manipulated free form deformation (DMFFD). *Diffeomorphism: a differentiable map with differentiable inverse. In general, these maps are generated by integrating a time-dependent velocity field. ANTS Applications: * Gray matter morphometry based on the jacobian and/or cortical thickness. * Group and single-subject optimal templates. * Multivariate DT + T1 brain templates and group studies. * Longitudinal brain mapping -- special similarity metric options. * Neonatal and pediatric brain segmentation. * Pediatric brain mapping. * T1 brain mapping guided by tractography and connectivity. * Diffusion tensor registration based on scalar or connectivity data. * Brain mapping in the presence of lesions. * Lung and pulmonary tree registration. * User-guided hippocampus labeling, also of sub-fields. * Group studies and statistical analysis of cortical thickness, white matter volume, diffusion tensor-derived metrics such as fractional anisotropy and mean diffusion. fractional anisotropy and mean diffusion.
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Is part of University of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania; USA +
Keywords Algorithm +, Atlas Application +, Morphology +, Segmentation +, Image registration +, Temporal Transformation +, Child +, Pediatric +, Normalization +
Label Resource:ANTS - Advanced Normalization ToolS  +
Listedby Resource:NITRC +
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Supporting Agency National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering +
Synonym Advanced Normalization Tools  +
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