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Abbrev AphidBase  +
Address UMR BiO3P  +, Domaine de la Motte  +, BP 35327  +, 35653 Le Rheu cedex  +, FRANCE Phone: +33(0)2 23 48 51 68 Fax : + 33(0)2 23 48 51 50  +
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CurationStatus curated  +
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Definition Centralized bioinformatic resource that fa Centralized bioinformatic resource that facilitates community annotation of the pea aphid genome by the International Aphid Genomics Consortium (IAGC). It aims to (i) store recently acquired genomic resources on aphids and (ii) compare them to other insect resources as functional annotation tools. The AphidBase Information System designed to organize and distribute genomic data and annotations for a large international community was constructed using open source software tools from the Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD). The system includes Apollo and GBrowse utilities as well as a wiki, blast search capabilities and a full text search engine.<br /> For that, the Drosophila melanogaster genome has been loaded in the database using the GMOD open source software for a comparison with the 17 069 pea aphid unique transcripts (contigs) and the 13 639 gene transcripts of the Anopheles gambiae. Links to FlyBase and A.gambiae Entrez databases allow a rapid characterization of the putative functions of the aphid sequences.<br /> Text mining of the D.melanogaster literature was performed to construct a network of co-cited gene or protein names, which should facilitate functional annotation of aphid homolog sequences. AphidBase represents one of the first genomic databases for a hemipteran insect.<br /> bases for a hemipteran insect.<br />
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Has role Database +, Data analysis service +
Id nif-0000-02554  +
Is part of INRA Rennes +
Keywords Aphid +, Aphid gene sequence +, Aphid genome +, Aphid nervous system +, Genome +, BLAST +, Annotate +, Annotation +, Expressed sequence tag +, Function +
Label Resource:APHIDBASE  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 2 February 2015 04:14:02  +
ModifiedDate 2 February 2015  +
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PMID 20482635, 17237053,  +
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Species Pea aphid +, Aphid +, Drosophila melanogaster +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency Rennes Metropole +, ANR Exdisum +, ANR Genoplante 'GnpAnnot' +
Synonym Aphid Genome Database  +
Categories Resource
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