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Category:Resource:APID: Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer
Abbrev APID  +
Address Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Research Group  +, Cancer Research Center (CIC-IBMCC  +, CSIC/USAL)  +, Campus Miguel de Unamuno  +, 37007 Salamanca (Spain) Phone: +34923294819  +
Availability Free for academic use +
CurationStatus uncurated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition An interactive bioinformatics web tool dev An interactive bioinformatics web tool developed to integrate and analyze in a unified and comparative platform known information about protein-protein interactions demonstrated by specific small-scale or large-scale experimental methods. At present, the application includes information coming from five main source databases enclosing an unified sever to explore more than 40000 different proteins and close to 150000 different proven interactions. The website includes search tools to query and browse upon the data, allowing selection of the interaction pairs based in calculated parameters that weight and qualify the reliability of each given protein interaction. Parameters for the proteins are connectivity, cluster coefficient, Gene Ontology (GO) functional environment, GO environment enrichment; for the interactions: number of methods, GO overlapping, Pfam domain-domain interaction. APID also includes a graphic interactive tool to visualize selected sub-networks and to navigate on them or along the whole interaction network. <br /> Platform: Online tool etwork. <br /> Platform: Online tool
ExampleImage APID.PNG +
Grant Category:PI030920   +, Category:PI061153   +, Category:SA104/03   +, Category:CSI03A06   +, Category:BOCyL no. 119   +, Category:EDU/777/2005   +
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Has role Data analysis service +, Database +
Id nlx_149321  +
Is part of University of Salamanca; Salamanca; Spain +
Keywords Protein-protein interaction analysis +, Protein-protein interaction +, Protein interaction +, Protein +, Interaction +, Cluster coefficient +, Gene Ontology +, Functional environment +, Environment enrichment +, Gene Ontology overlapping +, Pfam domain-domain interaction +, Visualization +, Domain-domain interaction +, GO Environment +, GO Environment Enrichment +, Interactome +, Graph +
Label Resource:APID: Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer  +
Listedby Resource:Gene Ontology Tools +
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ModifiedDate 11 December 2014  +
PMID 16845013, 17644818  +
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RelatedTo Resource:GO +, Resource:BIND +, Resource:BioGRID +, Resource:Database of Interacting Proteins +, Resource:HPRD - Human Protein Reference Database +, Resource:IntAct +, Resource:MINT +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency Spanish Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo +, ISCIII +, Junta de Castilla y Leon +, Fundacion BBVA +
Synonym Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer  +, Agile Protein Interaction Data Analyzer (APID)  +, APID (Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer)  +
Categories Resource
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Resource:PSICQUIC Registry + RelatedTo


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