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Abbrev Addgene  +
Address One Kendall Sq B7102  +, Cambridge  +, MA 02139 USA Telephone: 617.225.9000  +
Availability Free +, (deposit of plasmids) +, Limited +, (Some available to academic and non-profits +, For-profit entities +, Commercial license +, ) +, Material Transfer Agreement +, Non-commercial +, Acknowledgement required +, Copyrighted +, For informational purposes only +, Commercial with written consent +, The community can contribute to this resource +
Comment Sample type: Plasmid Start date: 2004 <br /> Type: Commercial/Disciplinary <br /> Deposit: Free deposit of plasmids
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition Non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to Non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to helping scientists around the world share high-quality plasmids. They work with laboratories to assemble a high-quality library of published and useful plasmids and their associated cloning / sequence data for use in research and discovery. By linking plasmids with articles, scientists can always find data related to the materials they request. There is no cost to deposit plasmids to Addgene and it will store samples in triplicate (including one at an offsite backup facility), sequence key regions for validation, and handle the appropriate Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) with institutions. Additionally, Addgene will create a webpage for your lab where you can direct scientists to request your plasmids. Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) allow open exchange to occur because they offer intellectual property and liability protection for material providers. Institutions that have deposited materials at Addgene require a MTA for each transfer of material. The MTA restricts the use of the material to research, non-commercial purposes but is now distributing a limited portion of its plasmid collection to for-profit entities. plasmid collection to for-profit entities.
ExampleImage Addgene.jpg +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Resource  +
Has role Topical portal +, Biospecimen repository +, Biomaterial supply resource +
Id nif-0000-11872  +
Keywords Plasmid +, Molecular biology +, Sequence alignment +
Label Resource:Addgene  +
Listedby Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing +, Biobank +, Resource:DataCite +, +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 2 February 2015 03:55:20  +
ModifiedDate 2 February 2015  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Resource  +
Related application Research  +, Genetics  +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency Fees collected from plasmid sales support operation of the repository. +
Synonym Addgene Plasmid Database  +
TermsofUseURL  +,  +
Twitter addgene  +
Usedby Resource:NIF Data Federation +, Resource:dkNET +
YouTube addgenemedia  +
Categories Resource
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Resource:Vector Database + Is part of
Resource:Integrated Manually Extracted Annotation +, Resource:Phoenix +, Resource:ZCre +, Resource:zfishbook + RelatedTo
Resource:SGC + Uses


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