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Category:Resource:Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas
Abbrev Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas  +
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Definition A map of gene expression in the developing A map of gene expression in the developing mouse brain revealing gene expression patterns from embryonic through postnatal stages as well as provides information about both spatial and temporal regulation of gene expression - now offering over 1,000 genes and new anatomic reference atlases. The Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas provides a characterization of gene expression in the brain beginning with mid-gestation through to juvenile/young adult.<br /> Building upon the foundation established by the original Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, the Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas provides a framework to explore temporal and spatial regulation of gene expression, effectively a 4D atlas, with a highly accessible and easily navigable free online database. When complete, this Atlas will extend the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas by offering gene expression data across seven new developmental stages. An application has been created to enable viewing of this data set, complete with tools for search and navigation of the data.<br /> As of the April 2009 release, 1,000 unique genes are available covering seven stages of the developmental process. Feature highlights in this release include seven sagittal reference atlases created with a developmental ontology. These anatomic atlases, currently available through Level 05, may be viewed alongside the in situ hybridization (ISH) data as well as by itself. Additional in situ hybridization data, further reference atlas detail and additional search and navigation tools will be provided in future releases.<br /> e provided in future releases.<br />
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Keywords Embryonic mouse +, Gene expression +, Brain +, Mouse devlopment +, Development +, Juvenile mouse +, Mouse +, Spatial +, Temporal +, Young adult +, Molecular neuroanatomy resource +, In-situ hybridization +, Postnatal +, Developmental stage +, Early adult mouse +
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Resource:Allen Brain Atlas API +, Resource:BrainSpan: Atlas of the Developing Human Brain + RelatedTo


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