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Category:Resource:Amblyomma Americanum (Lone Star Tick) cDNA Sequencing
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Definition Doris Kupfer, Sara Downard, and Laura Hern Doris Kupfer, Sara Downard, and Laura Hern in our Genome Center at the University of Oklahoma, have sequenced the 3' and/or 5' ends of double stranded cDNAs constructed from the salivary glands of the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum constructed by Richard Essenberg and Majd Aljamali, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK. Four libraries are included in this August 27, 2003 release. Lib1:TSG Lib1, female, salivary gland, 50-200 mg feeding adults Lib2:TSG Lib2, female, salivary gland, unfed adults, feeding adults, replete adults Lib3:TSG Lib3, female, salivary gland, 3 day feeding adults Lib4:TSG Lib4, female, salivary gland, 50-200 mg feeding adults, was constructed from TSG Lib1 by normalization following procedure of, Bonaldo et al (Genome Res. 1996 Sep;6(9):791-806). Amblyomma americanum lone star tick Latest Data Release - August 27, 2003 1757 total ESTs that were assembled into 810 entries and 608,477 nucleotides in the four separately libraries and combined into one searchable database. - The Amblyomma americanum lone star tick salivary gland cDNA libraries Lib1, Lib2 and Lib4 were constructed from multiple feeding stages in Clonetech pTriplEx2 vector by directionally cloning into the 5' EcoRI and 3' SfiIb sites. Lib3 was constructed from 3 day feeding adults by Stratagene, Inc. into pBlueScript SK- . - Ribosomal RNA, mitochondrial RNA, vector and small (less than 100bp) inserts, will be removed prior to assembly of a UniGene database using Phred (Phil Green, University of Washington) . All of our data is available from our ftp site, and we now have added the ability to perform blast searches on this data. A keyword search of a blastx search of GenBank with this data also is available. Sponsors: This resource is supported by University of Oklahoma. Keywords: CDNA, Dataset, Library, RNA, Mitochondrial, Ribosomal, t, Library, RNA, Mitochondrial, Ribosomal,
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