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Category:Resource:Avian Brain Circuitry Database
Abbrev ABCD  +
Address Department of Ecology  +, Faculty of Veterinary Science  +, Szent Istvan Egyetem  +, Hungary  +
Availability The community can contribute to this resource +
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition Database developed for storing, retrieving Database developed for storing, retrieving and cross-referencing neuroscience information about the connectivity of the avian brain. It contains entries about the new and old terminology of the areas and their hierarchy, data on connections between brain regions, as well as a functional keyword system linked to brain regions and connections. Data were collected from the primary literature and textbooks, and an online submission system was developed to facilitate further data collection directly from researchers. This database was designed to be well extendable and treatable by implementing a relational data model using MySql platform, and a php-based website was developed to aid accessing the data. Brain regions: Information on 371 brain structures is available in an anatomy-based hierarchy, by which sub- and superstructures can be easily defined. Beside the scientific names and abbreviations they also uploaded English names and names of mammalian homologues. During the data base construction the avian brain nomenclature was about to be reformed, therefore new terminology is provided under "new name". By now, "new names" have been published and became accepted terminology.<br /> Connections are defined between two regions: the sender area projects its axons to the receiver area, where axon terminals are found. At the moment the database contains over 1000 non-overlapping connections.<br /> The sources of data are peer-reviewed papers and monographs. Each data item is linked to its source, the unique PubMed identifiers of papers or citations of books are provided.<br /> tations of books are provided.<br />
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Grant Category:OTKA-033069   +
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Has role Spatially referenced dataset +, Data repository +, Image repository +, Image collection +
Id nif-0000-00386  +
Is part of Szent Istvan University Faculty of Veterinary Science; Budapest; Hungary +
Keywords Bird +, Relational database +, Anatomical atlas dataset +, Aves +, Brain region +, Connection +, Homologue +, Brain +, Structure +, Neuroanatomy +, Nomenclature +
Label Resource:Avian Brain Circuitry Database  +
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ModifiedDate 20 December 2014  +
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PMID 17889371  +
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Species Bird +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency OTKA Foundation +
Usedby Resource:NIF Data Federation +
Categories Resource
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Resource:Integrated Manually Extracted Annotation +, Resource:Integrated Nervous System Connectivity + RelatedTo


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