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Address Kansas State University Bioinformatics Center  +, Kansas  +, USA  +
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Comment Start date: 2007 <br /> Type: Disciplinary
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Definition A centralized sequence database and commun A centralized sequence database and community resource for Tribolium genetics, genomics and developmental biology containing genomic sequence scaffolds mapped to 10 linkage groups, genetic linkage maps, the official gene set, Reference Sequences from NCBI (RefSeq), predicted gene models, ESTs and whole-genome tiling array data representing several developmental stages. The current version of Beetlebase is built on the Tribolium castaneum 3.0 Assembly (Tcas 3.0) released by the Human Genome Sequencing Center at the Baylor College of Medicine. The database is constructed using the upgraded Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) modules. The genomic data is stored in a PostgreSQL relational database using the Chado schema and visualized as tracks in GBrowse. The genetic map is visualized using the comparative genetic map viewer CMAP. To enhance search capabilities, the BLAST search tool has been integrated with the GMOD tools. Tribolium castaneum is a very sophisticated genetic model organism among higher eukaryotes. As the member of a primitive order of holometabolous insects, Coleoptera, Tribolium is in a key phylogenetic position to understand the genetic innovations that accompanied the evolution of higher forms with more complex development. Coleoptera is also the largest and most species diverse of all eukaryotic orders and Tribolium offers the only genetic model for the profusion of medically and economically important species therein. The genome sequences may be downloaded. n. The genome sequences may be downloaded.
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Keywords Red flour beetle +, Tribolium castaneum +, Sequence data +, Gene +, Mutant +, Genetic marker +, Expressed sequence tag +, Genome +, BLAST +, Model organism +, Insect +, Developmental biology +, Genomics +, Genetics +, Entomology +, Development +
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