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Abbrev Binding MOAD  +
Address Bioinformatics Graduate Program  +, Biophysics Research Division  +, University of Michigan  +, Ann Arbor  +, MI 48109  +, Torrey Path LLC  +, MI 48104  +, USA.  +
Availability Free +, Public +, Acknowledgement requested +
CurationStatus curated  +
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Definition Database of protein-ligand crystal structu Database of protein-ligand crystal structures that is a subset of the Protein Data Bank (PDB), containing every high-quality example of ligand-protein binding. The resolved protein crystal structures with clearly identified biologically relevant ligands are annotated with experimentally determined binding data extracted from literature. A viewer is provided to examine the protein-ligand structures. Ligands have additional chemical data, allowing for cheminformatics mining. The binding-affinity data ranges 13 orders of magnitude. The issue of redundancy in the data has also been addressed. To create a nonredundant dataset, one protein from each of the 1780 protein families was chosen as a representative. Representatives were chosen by tightest binding, best resolution, etc. For the 1780 "best" complexes that comprise the nonredundant version of Binding MOAD, 475 (27%) have binding data. This collection of protein-ligand complexes will be useful in elucidating the biophysical patterns of molecular recognition and enzymatic regulation. The complexes with binding-affinity data will help in the development of improved scoring functions and structure-based drug discovery techniques. structure-based drug discovery techniques.
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Grant Category:MCB 0546073   +
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Id nif-0000-21048  +
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Keywords Drug +, Enzymatic +, Affinity +, Binding +, Binding-affinity +, Biological +, Chemical +, Cheminformatic +, Crystal +, Crystallography +, Intermolecular interaction +, Signaling pathway +, Ligand +, Protein +, Ligand-protein binding +, Protein crystal structure +, Protein-ligand +, Protein-ligand complex +
Label Resource:Binding MOAD  +
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PMID 18055497, 16168689, 15971202  +
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Synonym  +, Binding Mother of All Databases  +
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