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Abbrev BioGRID  +
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Definition A curated protein-protein and genetic inte A curated protein-protein and genetic interaction repository of raw protein and genetic interactions from major model organism species, with data compiled through comprehensive curation efforts. The current version searches over 39,991 publications containing over 681,783 interactions (May 2013) and contributions are welcome. Complete coverage of the entire literature is maintained for budding yeast (S. cerevisiae), fission yeast (S. pombe) and thale cress (A. thaliana), and efforts to expand curation across multiple metazoan species are underway. Current curation drives are focused on particular areas of biology to enable insights into conserved networks and pathways that are relevant to human health. The BioGRID 3.0 web interface contains new search and display features that enable rapid queries across multiple data types and sources. BioGRID provides interaction data to several model organism databases, resources such as Entrez-Gene, SGD, TAIR, FlyBase and other interaction meta-databases. The entire BioGRID 3.0 data collection may be downloaded in multiple file formats, including IMEx compatible PSI MI XML. For developers, BioGRID interactions are also available via a REST based Web Service and Cytoscape plugin. Tools, software, and resources either written by the BioGRID team or a third party are available that can help you make use of BioGRID interaction data. All tools and resources are released WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and are free to both academic and commercial entities for research purposes only. rcial entities for research purposes only.
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Is part of Princeton University; New Jersey; USA +, University of Edinburgh; Scotland; United Kingdom +, Mount Sinai Hospital; Ontario; Canada +, University of Montreal; Montreal; Canada +
Keywords Budding yeast +, Fission yeast +, Protein +, Gene +, Protein interaction +, Genetic interaction +, Model organism +, Interaction +, Data set +, Caenorhabditis elegans +, Drosophila melanogaster +, Mus musculus +, Homo sapiens +, Gene annotation +, Phenotype +, Orthologous interaction +, Yeast +, Cellular interaction network +, Physical Interaction +, Protein-peptide +, Protein-RNA +, Protein-protein interaction +, Genetics +, Publication +, Raw protein +, Web service +, Pathway +, Network +
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RelatedTo Resource:NIF Data Federation +, Resource:Cytoscape +, Resource:DataCite +, Resource:Monarch Initiative +
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Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae +, Schizosaccharomyces pombe +, Arabidopsis thaliana +, Metazoa +, Human +, Other +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency National Institutes of Health +, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council +, Canadian Institutes of Health Research +
Synonym Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets  +
Twitter biogrid  +
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Resource:APID: Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer +, Resource:FlyMine +, Resource:IMEx - The International Molecular Exchange Consortium +, Resource:Integrated Manually Extracted Annotation +, Resource:Interaction Reference Index +, Resource:PSICQUIC Registry +, Resource:Pathway Commons + RelatedTo


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