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Category:Resource:BioNumbers: The Database of Useful Biological Numbers
Abbrev BioNumbers  +
Address Department of Plant Sciences  +, Weizmann Institute of Science  +, Rehovot 76100  +, Israel  +, and Department of Systems Biology  +, Harvard Medical School  +, Boston  +, MA 02445  +, USA  +
Availability Acknowledgement requested +, The community can contribute to this resource +
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition Database of key numbers in molecular and c Database of key numbers in molecular and cell biology--the quantitative properties of biological systems of interest to computational, systems and molecular cell biologists. Contents of the database range from cell sizes to metabolite concentrations, from reaction rates to generation times, from genome sizes to the number of mitochondria in a cell. Along with the numbers, you'll find the relevant references to the original literature, useful comments, and related numbers. While always of importance to biologists, having numbers in hand is becoming increasingly critical for experimenting, modeling, and analyzing biological systems. BioNumbers was motivated by an appreciation of how long it can take to find even the simplest number in the vast biological literature. All numbers are taken directly from a literature source and that reference is provided with the number. BioNumbers is designed to be highly searchable and queries can be performed by keywords or browsed by menus. BioNumbers is a collaborative community platform where registered users can add content and make comments on existing data. All new entries and commentary are curated to maintain high quality. tary are curated to maintain high quality.
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Is part of Harvard University; Massachusetts; USA +
Keywords Biological +, Biological system +, Bionumber +, Molecular biology +, Number +, Photosynthesis +, Quantitative +, Sporulation +, Quantitative analysis +
Label Resource:BioNumbers  +
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ModifiedDate 21 March 2015  +
PMID 19854939  +
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Supporting Agency Harvard University; Massachusetts; USA +, Weizmann Institute of Science; Rehovot; Israel +
Synonym BioNumbers: The Database of Useful Biological Numbers  +
Usedby Resource:NIF Data Federation +
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