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Category:Resource:Coriell Cell Repositories
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Comment Sample type: Cell line, Culture, Cell, DNA,
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Definition Establish, verify, maintain, and distribut Establish, verify, maintain, and distribute cells, cultures and DNA derived from cell cultures to the scientific community around the world. Scientists can browse the sample catalog and then request specific cell lines for their research studies. An inventory of the remaining stock of each cell line and DNA preparation is presented in real time. Many important research successes have been accomplished using Coriell-managed biospecimens. A prime example is also one of the first: A team of scientists headed by Dr. Nancy Wexler went to Venezuela where an isolated village was found with a high incidence of Huntington's disease. In 1979, cells were brought back to Coriell, cultures established and frozen, and distributed to scientists involved in the search for the Huntington's gene. Five years later, the gene was localized on chromosome 4. In 1994, the gene itself was isolated. From this significant breakthrough, Dr. Wexler and other researchers continue their Huntington's disease research to seek improved treatments. Coriell's significant cell biobank collections include: * NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository * NINDS Human Genetics DNA and Cell Line Repository * NIA Aging Cell Repository * NHGRI Sample Repository for Human Genetic Research * NEI Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) Genetic Repository * HD Community BioRepository * American Diabetes Association, GENNID Study * Autism Research Resource Other collections include: * IPBIR Repository * USIDNET Repository * CDC Cell and DNA Repository * Leiomyosarcoma Cell and DNA Repository * Cooperative Huntingtons Observational Trial Repository * YERKES Repository * Human Reference Genetic Material Repository * The Wistar Institute * Human Biological Data Interchange (HBDI) Mouse Embryonic stem cells (mESC) and the NINDS Repository Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) are now available. Private repositories are the preferred choice of researchers seeking a flexible, dependable and convenient cold temperature storage solution. Utilizing off-site storage increases your laboratory workspace and secures your samples for both temperature and access, enabling you to make more productive use of your valuable resources. Our repositories are ISO 9000-2001 compliant. repositories are ISO 9000-2001 compliant.
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Keywords Cellular +, Molecular +, Genetics +, Cell line +, Culture +, Cell +, DNA +, Reagent +, Disease +, Family +, Gene +, Pharmacogenetics +, Population +, Single nucleotide polymorphism +
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Resource:ADA GENNID Study +, Resource:Aging Cell Repository +, Resource:Autism Research Resource +, Resource:CDC Cell and DNA Repository +, Resource:COHORT Repository +, Resource:HD Community BioRepository +, Resource:Human Reference Genetic Material Repository +, Resource:IPBIR - Integrated Primate Biomaterials and Information Resource +, Resource:Leiomyosarcoma Cell and DNA Repository +, Resource:NEI-AREDS Genetic Repository +, Resource:NHGRI Sample Repository for Human Genetic Research +, Resource:NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository +, Resource:NINDS Repository +, Resource:USIDNET DNA and Cell Repository +, Resource:Wistar Institute Collection at Coriell +, Resource:Yerkes Collection Non-Human Primate Resource + Is part of
Resource:Integrated Cell Lines +, Resource:Integrated Manually Extracted Annotation +, Resource:NCBI BioSample + RelatedTo


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