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Definition <br /> GeneAnswers provide an integ <br /> GeneAnswers provide an integrated tool for given genes biological or medical interpretation. It includes statistical test of given genes and specified categories.<br /> Microarray techniques have been widely employed in genomic scale studies for more than one decade. The standard analysis of microarray data is to filter out a group of genes from thousands of probes by certain statistical criteria. These genes are usually called significantly differentially expressed genes. Recently, next generation sequencing (NGS) is gradually adopted to explore gene transcription, methylation, etc.<br /> Also a gene list can be obtained by NGS preliminary data analysis. However, this type of information is not enough to understand the potential linkage between identified genes and interested functions. The integrated functional and pathway analysis with gene expression data would be very helpful for researchers to interpret the relationship between the identified genes and proposed biological or medical functions and pathways.<br /> The GeneAnswers package provides an integrated solution for a group of genes and specified categories (biological or medical functions, such as Gene Ontology, Disease Ontology, KEGG, etc) to reveal the potential relationship between them by means of statistical methods, and make user-friendly network visualization to interpret the results. Besides the package has a function to combine gene expression profile and category analysis together by outputting concept-gene cross tables, keywords query on NCBI Entrez Gene and application of human based Disease ontology analysis of given genes from other species can help people to understand or discover potential connection between genes and functions.<br /> Sponsors: This project was supported in part by Award Number UL1RR025741 from the National Center for Research Resources.<br /> Center for Research Resources.<br />
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