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Abbrev Xenbase  +
Address Department of Biological Sciences  +, University of Calgary  +, 2500 University Drive NW  +, Calgary  +, Alberta  +, Canada  +, Region: North America  +
Availability No materials may be reproduced without permission +, Acknowledgement requested +, The community can contribute to this resource +
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition Model organism database for Xenopus laevis Model organism database for Xenopus laevis and X. (Silurana) tropicalis serving as the principal centralized resource of genomic, development data and community information for Xenopus research. Xenbase gathers information for frog researchers, including both data about frogs as well as a frog stock center, a list of suppliers, meetings, and people working in the field. Xenbase welcomes data submissions from the Xenopus community. They are able to incorporate sequence data, expression data and images obtained using in situ hybridization or immunohistochemistry, protocols, and development movies. However, if you have other data that you feel would be valuable to the community, they will try to determine, how best to integrate your data. Data is collected from other databases, high-throughput screens and the scientific literature and integrated into a number of database modules covering subjects such as community, literature, gene and genomic analysis. Gene pages are automatically assembled from data piped from the Entrez Gene, Gurdon Institute, JGI, Metazome, MGI, OMIM, PubMed, Unigene, Zfin, commercial suppliers and others. These data are then supplemented with in-house annotation. Xenbase has implemented the Gbrowse genome browser and also provides a BLAST service that allows users to specifically search either laevis or tropicalis DNA or protein targets. A table of Xenopus gene synonyms has been implemented and allows the genome, genes, publications and high-throughput gene expression data to be seamlessly integrated with other Xenopus data and to external database resources, making the wealth of developmental and functional data from the frog available to the broader research community. Through the Xenbase interface you may: * Blast Xenopus ESTs, unigene sets or the tropicalis sequence; * Search for Xenopus genes; * Browse the genome using the Xenbase or JGI genome browsers; * View development stages and cell fate maps; * Search publications about Xenopus; * Search for people, labs and organizations in the Xenopus Community. View job postings and events in the Xenopus community; and * Learn about research methods and protocols (e.g. antisense and morpholinos) and obtain materials. Xenbase's core feature is the Gene Page, which presents genomic and functional information, sequence links, orthology, and publications, and will soon incorporate expression data. and will soon incorporate expression data.
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Grant Category:R01 HD045776   +, Category:P41 HD064556   +, Category:9630621   +, Category:9983061   +
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Has role Database +, Atlas +, Data repository +, Image repository +
Id nif-0000-01286  +
Is part of University of Calgary; Alberta; Canada +
Keywords Molecular neuroanatomy resource +, DNA target +, Protein target +, Gene +, Genome +, Function +, Sequence +, Orthology +, Publication +, Gene expression +, Model organism +, Genomics +, Development +, Annotation +, BLAST +, Development stage +, In-situ hybridization +, Immunohistochemistry +, Video resource +, Organism-related portal +, Experimental protocol +, Organism supplier +, Data analysis service +, Developmental stage +, Gold standard +
Label Resource:Xenbase  +
Listedby Resource:OMICtools +, Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing +, Biobank +
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ModifiedDate 20 March 2015  +
PMID 23125366, 19884130  +
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Related application Research  +
Species Xenopus laevis +, Xenopus tropicalis +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency National Institute of Child Health and Human Development +, Alberta Network for Proteomics Innovation +
Synonym Xenbase: Xenopus laevis and tropicalis biology and genomics resource  +
Twitter Xenbase  +
Usedby Resource:Monarch Initiative +
Xref OMICS_01665  +
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Resource:Bgee: a dataBase for Gene Expression Evolution + RelatedTo


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