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Category:Resource:Xenopus Gene Collection
Abbrev XGC  +
Address Region: USA  +
Availability Public +
Comment Sample type: Expressed sequence tag, cDNA, Vector, cDNA library, Clone, 5'/3' sequence
CurationStatus curated  +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition NIH initiative that supported the producti NIH initiative that supported the production of cDNA libraries, clones and 5'/3' sequences to provide a set of full-length (open reading frame) sequences and cDNA clones of expressed genes for Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis. The distribution of clones is outsourced to several for profit companies, links are available. The project concluded in September 2008, and all resources generated by the XGC are publicly accessible to the biomedical research community.<br /> The genomic resources available to the Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis community include the following components:<br /> * The generation of libraries from different stages of development and adult tissues.<br /> * Sequencing of ~3,000 to 10,000 5' and 3' ESTs from each library.<br /> * All sequences are deposited into GenBank. The corresponding clones are available through the IMAGE clone distribution network and are fully accessible to the community.<br /> * Analysis of all available sequences into UniGene clusters.<br /> * Selection of candidate complete open reading frame (ORF) clones and their sequencing.<br /> With the conclusion of the XGC project, the GenBank records of XGC sequences will be frozen, without further updates. Since the knowledge of what constitutes a full-length coding region for some of the genes and transcripts for which we have XGC clones will likely change in the future, users planning to order XGC clones will need to monitor for these changes. Users can make use of genome browsers and gene-specific databases, such as the UCSC Genome browser, NCBI's Map Viewer, and Entrez Gene, to view the relevant regions of the genome (browsers) or gene-related information (Entrez Gene).<br /> ted information (Entrez Gene).<br />
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Id nif-0000-00224  +
Is part of National Cancer Institute +
Keywords Est sequencing +, Expressed gene +, Frog +, Gene +, Adult +, CDNA +, Genomic +, Open reading frame +, Sequencing +, Stage +, Tag +, Xenopus laevis +, Xenopus tropicalis +, Sequence +, Expressed sequence tag +, Vector +, CDNA library +, Clone +, 5'/3' sequence +, Frozen +
Label Resource:Xenopus Gene Collection  +
Listedby Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing +, Biobank +
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RelatedTo Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank ListingResource:ATCCResource:GenBankResource:Invitrogen Clones +
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Species Xenopus +
SuperCategory Resource  +
Supporting Agency National Institutes of Health +, Resource:NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research +
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