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Abbrev SCN1A Infobase  +
Authors C. Lossin  +
CurationStatus curated  +
Curator C. Lossin +
DefiningCitation  +
Definition Locus-specific database listing variants o Locus-specific database listing variants of the SCN1A gene. To provide a continued platform that is in keeping with the latest data, this web site has been set up where all information can be accessed and downloaded. A Mutation submission form encourages data submissions. Over the past ten years, mutations in voltage-gated sodium channels (Navs) have become closely associated with inheritable forms of epilepsy. One isoform in particular, Nav1.1 (gene symbol SCN1A), appears to be a superculprit, with virtually hundreds of mutations. The associated phenotypes range from benign febrile seizures to extremely serious conditions like Dravet syndrome (a.k.a. severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy or SMEI). Despite the wealth of information, mutational analyses are cumbersome, owing to inconsistencies among the Nav1.1 sequences to which different research groups refer. Splicing variability is the core problem: Nav1.1 exists in the brain in 3 different isoforms: full-length (2009 AA) as well as two shorter versions that lack 11 or 28 amino acids compared to the former. This online database â?? SCN1A infobase â?? establishes a standardized nomenclature for Nav1.1 variants so as to provide a platform from which future mutation analyses can be started without up-front data normalization. arted without up-front data normalization.
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Id nlx_143761  +
Is part of UC Davis School of Medicine; California; USA +
JournalNumber 2 +
JournalVolume 31 +
Keywords SCN1A +, Nav1.1 +, Variation +, Epilepsy +, Dravet +, SMEI +, GEFS +, Locus-specific +, Mutation +, Voltage-gated sodium channel +, Seizure +, Sodium channel +, SCN1A mutation +
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PMID 18804930  +
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Pages 114-130
PublicationDate February 2009 +
PublicationName Brain & Development +
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Supporting Agency Private endeavor +
Synonym The SCN1A Infobase  +
Title A catalog of SCN1A variants  +
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