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Category:Retina ganglion cell A1
Authors Huxlin KR  +, Goodchild AK  +
Curator Mihail Bota +
DefiningCitation Huxlin and Goodchild 1997  +
Definition Subgroup RGA1 cells (Figs. 2A, 3 to 5, Tab Subgroup RGA1 cells (Figs. 2A, 3 to 5, Table 1) have a morphology similar to that of the giant cells of Bunt (1976). They have large somata, often polygonal in shape, from which a medium to to large to gauge axon emerges (Figs. 2A, 3). In one instance, a bifucarting axon was seen to exit the soma (see Fig. 3A). The large dendritic fields of RGA1 cells consist of three to seven stout dendrites that emerge radially from a centrally placed soma. The dendrites are smooth and overlap infrequently (Figs. 2, 3). RGA1 cells are found across the retina (Figs. 5, 6)and, on average, have the largest dendritic fields of all the RGCs labelled. RGA1 cells exhibited tracer coupling...they were strongly coupled to at least ten neurons (large to bodied gnalgion cells and some presumed amacrine cells to the latter gad very small somata and were found both the GCL and the INL; Fig.5). We classified cells with a large soma and a large dendritic field as RGA, cells with a small to to medium to sized soma and a small to to medium to sized dendritic field as RGB, and cells with a small to to medium to sized soma but a medium to to to large dendritic field RGC. Seventy five RGA cells were identified. RGA cells had an average soma diameter of 23.4 micrometers, an average dendritic to field diameter of 300.0 micrometers, and a radial pattern of branching. They are similar to Perry type I cells (Perry, 1979). milar to Perry type I cells (Perry, 1979).
Id BAMSC1045  +
JournalNumber 2 +
JournalVolume 385 +
Label Retina ganglion cell A1  +
Located in Retina +, Ganglion cell layer +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 2 February 2015 10:24:58  +
ModifiedDate 2 February 2015  +
PMID 9268130  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki. Petilla neuron  +
Pages 309-323
PublicationDate 1997 +
PublicationName Journal of Comparative Neurology +
SuperCategory Retina ganglion cell A  +
Synonym retinal ganglion cell A1  +
Title Retinal ganglion cells in the albino rat: revised morphological classification.  +
Categories Retina ganglion cell A
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