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Definition Secobarbital (marketed by Eli Lilly and Co Secobarbital (marketed by Eli Lilly and Company under the brand names Seconal and Tuinal) is a barbiturate derivative drug. It possesses anaesthetic, anticonvulsant, sedative and hypnotic properties. In the United Kingdom, it was known as Quinalbarbitone. Pharmacology: Secobarbital, a barbiturate, is used for the induction of anesthesia prior to the use of other general anesthetic agents and for induction of anesthesia for short surgical, diagnostic, or therapeutic procedures associated with minimal painful stimuli. Little analgesia is conferred by barbiturates; their use in the presence of pain may result in excitation. Mechanism of action: Secobarbital binds at a distinct binding site associated with a Cl- ionopore at the GABAA receptor, increasing the duration of time for which the Cl- ionopore is open. The post-synaptic inhibitory effect of GABA in the thalamus is, therefore, prolonged. Drug type: Approved. Small Molecule. Drug category: Adjuvants. Adjuvants, Anesthesia. Barbiturates. GABA Modulators. Hypnotics and Sedatives . GABA Modulators. Hypnotics and Sedatives
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Synonym (+/-)-Secobarbital  +, Secobarbital Sodium  +, Secobarbitale (DCIT)  +, Secobarbitalum (INN-Latin)  +, Sodium Secobarbital  +, Sodium quinalbarbitone  +, Barbosec  +, Bipanal  +, Bipinal sodium  +, Evronal  +, Evronal Sodium  +, Evrronal  +, Hypotrol  +, Hyptran  +, Imesonal  +, Immenoctal  +, Immenox  +, Meballymal  +, Meballymal sodium  +, Meballymalum  +, Novosecobarb  +, Pramil  +, Quinalbarbital  +, Quinalbarbitone  +, Quinalbarbitone sodium  +, Quinalspan  +, Sebar  +, Seco 8  +, Secobarbitone  +, Seconal  +, Sedutain  +, Seotal  +, Somosal  +, Synate  +, Trisomnin  +
Categories Molecular entity
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